Kamis, September 30, 2010

Death On :)

this morning on my motorbike, he said this :

" maybe most of men have a cliche plan on their life, they want to be settled first, or to have enough saving, a car and a house before they marry a girl. but, I have my own target . i measure a settlement not from those properties, i think, the man who has settled is the man who has a guts to marry a woman without a lot of considerations.  And for me, i will be ready to marry you if i have finished my Bachelor degree, so i have a rational answer when your father ask me how i will make a living for you. Please wait for me until the time is come my dear. Then we can build our own castle together. Your my Queen and I'm your King. Forever will be."

Alhamdulilah, i know from the start, you are the rightest man for me.  :)

Rabu, September 15, 2010

i'm hospitalized

in the middle of ramadhan, for the first time in my life i was hospitalized because of the duet illness , scarlet fever and typhus.. that was a very rough moment in my life.. i couldn't eat anything though my appetite was big.. my tummy refused anything i ate. 5 days in hospital makes me realized that to be health is a wonderful blessing from God and next time my health is back i will take care my body nicely. 
and thanks Ibu for taking care of me during my hospitalization.. i owe you so much.. 
and i promise to myself,  i don't wanna go back to hospital untill i give a birth! 

my first infusion

they took my blood sample twice a day

it's swollen :(