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Recomendation for you to throw away your money!

Some of my friends who have wearing a hijab or who intend to wear a hijab asked me where I bought scarf, pashmina, clothes and other accessories. Basically, I don’t have a taste of good fashion and I don’t like buy any branded stuffs, the reason is because I can afford it or I better spent my money for eating many heaven foods on earth. As far as I know, I never bought any kind of famous branded stuffs, but I have some branded stuffs, and those all are gifted from my aunty or friends. Lucky me. Here, I’ll  give you some information where I found my hip stuffs..(don’t ever hope you will find branded shop like ZARA, MANGO etc, hehe)  I hope it will be useful for you girls.. 

ITC Kuningan (Jl. Prof. Dr. Satrio Setiabudi, Jakarta Selatan, INDONESIA ) 
* TAMITA  1st Floor Blok A-1 Unit 7-9 :  here, you can find the best quality and most up to date scarf, four square scarf, inner scarf, brooches and accessories for daily or wedding hijab)
Inner scarf  : Syria inner ( 10k), lace inner (7k) ,
Four square scarf :  paris scarf (12k), kafayeh (35k), embroidery scarf (25k),
Various kind of pashmina (35k-150k)
Brooches (15k-30k)
Wedding accessories-fabric and handmade- (150k-250k)
*House of Pashmina  2nd floor right in front of BCA Bank.  : all kind of pashmina from regular to high quality. You can find beautiful cashmere pashmina here.
 *JOJO Ground Floor : this boutique is very recommended, many of its stuffs has been featured for magazine like Cita Cinta, Go Girls, Sisters, and more. You can find affordable shoes, bag, belt, dress, and pants here.
*Nitnotblue : Korean style fashion stuffs! Find out it interesting but a lil bit expensive! If you have much bucks, so no worry to shop here.. hihi
* Optik Bandung Ground Floor, in front of escalator:  this is the heaven of contact lens. You can find the cheapest soft lens in town. I bet it true! But only for x2, a+, luxury, and other brand than are  included in Exoticon group. starting from 50k - 68k.
*   some boutiques at 1st and 2nd floor of ITC Kuningan are hilarious if you put your eyes sharply. J

ITC Fatmawati :

*Ambu Butik  first floor no.195 Jakarta Selatan : you can find handmade pashmina, scarf, and inner here. I found interesting about this boutique that here we can find cotton pashmina, it is very breezy and comfortable. They also have online boutique ( ), but u would better go to the store as it has more various collection. 

*Dewi Shopaholic  1st floor : cute imported fashion stuffs!

Tanah Abang
It’s a heaven for you that really like to shopping! You can find anykind of clothes with incredible price. I like to buy Gamis, abaya, and working pants here. Just explore Blok A and Blok B, and you will find your mouth watering. Hehe.

And here some on-line shops that have uber cool stuffs :
Kami Idea :   the best dye shawl ever!!! I really love theirs!
Lakisha Shop briliant design!
Peek Shop : cute imported stuffs
Retail Therapy :comfortable n chic shoes
Wondershoe : the dreamland of flat shoes!
Last but not least
Cotton Ink : the heaven of cotton!
Yeayy those are some of my list, I will revised anytime I’ve got a new cool place for shopping..  or you can add the list on the comment.. gratias.

i'm reading My Stupid Boss lately, and i really want to meet the writer. she must be the craziest yet coolest woman ever to have a boss like her boss! hahaha

@ Mega Mendung Unilever Villa

eat like the world will be over tomorrow

Last weekend was an exhausting weekend for me, full of plans and less energy. I went to ITC Kuningan with my aunty and my cousins on Saturday, bought some stuffs we need, and had a big portion of lunch! I ate Mie Aceh and Martabak Aceh, my aunty have Manado porridge, and my cousin have manado’s food ( cakalang chicken , dabu dabu chili chop , and cuttlefish) with rice. After had a lunch we have a hell-yummy desert ever! Durian Pancake.. actually I was about very curious about this Durian Pancake as people say we can only grab it on Nelayan restaurant in Medan.. but fortunately, I found one in Mal Ambassador, near Bakmi GM stall. My aunty also bought creamy puff pastry near Bakmi GM stall. This creamy puff is just like Beard Papa but it is cheaper one.  After finished hunting at ITC Kuningan, we went to cake shop (Seven Grain) at buncit to buy a birthday for my uncle & counsin’s birthday in the next day And dropped by at Pejaten Village to buy some foodstuffs. It was not over yet.. before we landed at home, we decided to ‘ngemil’ (take a small portion of food) at Seafood, we had saos padang crab and steamed ‘virgin’ shell (kerang dara :p) without rice as our snack!! Ahahhaha I wonder how my stomach will be after all. That day, I ate like tomorrow will never comes. 

the crew.. my aunty n my cousin

was trying levis spectacle.. is it fit on me?

Ginger cake at Seven Grain

the most wanted durian pancake.. it's like a heaven cake!

Thai casava + pearl porridge .. it taste so sweeeeettt..
wishing my face as cute as them :D

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Felice , gelukkig, heureux, happy , سعيد

 "sometimes we are too busy looking at the lives of others, we fail to realize how beautiful our lives are.."

Inspired by this quote, I thought about one word that almost everybody pursuing for, Happiness.  Personally I don't have any standard to measure my own happiness and I believe that no one is in charge of our happiness. We, ourselves is the main actor in creating our own happiness. I have so many dreams, but I’m not the one who will frustrated when i couldn’t catch one of them. Every simple things I have done, I could call it as my happiness.

I love my family so much especially my parents.. loving them and being loved by them is my infinite happiness.

I have a very patient and less-complaining boyfriend, he always support me in bad and good times. He is charming. He is my precious happiness.

I have Chilo, he is my dazzling cat, gift from my very best friend, Ka Sarah. I thank her so much for trusting me to take care of him. Chilo is my happiness.

I’m standing here in my place, to do what I’m supposed to do, doing the things which Allah SWT blessed. It’s my daily happiness.

May we always be a part of people who always grateful for all the happiness Allah SWT has given us.

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Thank God It's FRIDHA.......

I'm not a kind of person that will be thankful if Friday comes.. i supposed any working days are the same, it's not make you free officially. you have to wait till Saturday is come! anyway, i'm stuck on a riddle! yes a riddle of my life. it's frustrating dilemma. i have to decide where i have to step my foot to continue living my dream. what the F i'm talking about, i'm sure anyone who read this will not be able to catch the meaning. hihihi,, oke.. enjoy another weekend friends.. i wish your weekend will be full of blast, as well mine :)

Batik on friday

ice cream

If there's one thing in this world that I know is true
It's the love that I feel when I'm thinking of you
No ocean or mountain can keep us apart
Coz no one can take away someone who lives in your heart
All the hopes and the dreams are alive
I'll carry you with me through distance and time
Nothing in this world can keep us apart
Coz no one can take away someone who lives in your heart

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Happy Birthday Ibu

It’s about 23 years ago, when I was still inside the warm narrow space entwined by the umbilical cord, I was clueless about this world. As I struggled to see the world that you told me when I was still in the narrow space , I know that pain couldn’t make you give up, you would be willing to surrender your life just for me. I can not imagine, so much blood was wasted from your body because I was destined to be born without amniotic fluid , that is your first sacrifice for me.

I remember, when you had to leave me with my aunts and our neighbor , because u had to go to office, I can understand it and never complained, because you struggled to buy me and my brother  the best milk we could drink. Well, I know, as a child I could spend dozens of cans in a month.

I remember, every Saturday you always pick me and my brother up from my grandfather's house, by yourself, we went home by using public transportation, you should lap my brother, and I sat in the passenger sit that the benefits in terms of drivers, do not expect a child occupied as it is usually paid half fare, and you always yelling to the driver and stared at me “ Hey Mister, i will pay full for my daughter sit”.

I remember when I had to do crafts for school work, and I was falling asleep while i have not finish it and when I woke up, as if an angel had came down there last night and conjure my crafts that were still unfinished to be complete and good. It turns out that you are the angel.

I remember when I asked for whatever I want, I never whine like little kids mostly, because you know how to make me understand that something we want , is not always to be realized, except if you want to try hard. I know you're not spoiling me that way, but you always meet my needs, not my wishes.

I remember when I first entered kindergarten , elementary, junior high school to university,  you've never forced me to go to school or department that you want, but you always give the best choices and in the end the decisions given all to me.

I remember when I was heartbroken and could not resist the tears, i woke up in the middle of the night, i was looking for you, and truly magical, every words you said to me at that moment has made me get up and stronger. You never blame someone else even though I hate the hell out of the person who has broken my heart at that time. You always say, the key is back to ourselves, self reflection, and then moving on, the mistakes are a reference to go forward.  I was moved on  from a broken heart-wrenching because of your advice.

I remember when I felt inferior because I am not like my friends who have everything, you always say "do not always look up, look down, there are still many people who are less fortunate than you."

I remember when you lead me to the doctor every time I was sick, lead me to take a form to apply for a job, as I do not know who else I can count on, you're the first person there for me. You always say, never depend on anyone else. If there is a thing that we can do by ourselves, just trying to do thing by your own first.

I remember when I was hospitalized, you've treated me well and never left me alone, willing to sleep on the cold mat, and leave all other obligations. I do not know if I can do the same thing to you.

I know,  the more I grew up you did not talk much, you let me grow up according to what I want, sometimes you just remind me when I was a little turn , and you always give me your hand for any difficulties that I faced. Never complained of anything worst happened in your life, although i knew your burden is very heavy. Hopefully I can become as strong and tough as yourself someday.

Mother, Ibu, Desmawati Zulkifli, who I love most after Allah SWT.

I wish Your blessing is always accompanied me , hopefully your pray always be granted by Allah SWT, may every sweat that comes out to your sacrifice will wipe out your sins, and hopefully the ultimate happiness in the world and the hereafter is always abundant for you, may Allah SWT make you stronger to face every temptation that Allah SWT provides, may your children can make you proud and replace some tears that came out from your sacrifice for your children. Thank you for always there for us mom.

Happy birthday Ibu ..

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Weekend is two days in heaven

i'm excited about tomorrow weekend plan! i'll meet up with my old besty, Martia, She just came back to Indonesia from her working duty in Singapore. We plan to have a girl talk (actually my other friend, Mamet, will come to join us) for a long day, and maybe have a lunch together or shopping. i'm very excited! i miss her a lot! :)

this is Martia and me, two years ago! we haven't met for such a long time.
Anyway this is my outfit of this this week :)

Heloooooow catty!

Yesterday, my chubby baby BF bought me some Hello Kitty stuffs. Actually he intended to buy me a new battery for my blackberry as my old battery is puff up and need to be replaced. He went to Roxy mall to buy my new battery ( Roxi  is a big wholesaler place where you can find very cheap spareparts for your handphone or any kind of gadgets). When he asked the price of battery of my blackberry, he was surprised as the price is lower than he has got in everywhere. He became KALAP (razzled) at once!. He bought me battery, power bank with hello kitty capture, hard case, and new LCD for his blackberry storm! Ahhhayyy suddenly my mood for doing business came up! So everyone who needs to replace your blackberry battery or needs any spareparts for you gadget, don’t hesitate to call me, I’ll give the friendly price moreover if you buy in big quantity

power bank and soft case

mr.browny bear, The Chilo Kitty with pink ribbon and Mangki Jack

Chilo kitty with red ribbon

if i were as cute as Hello Kitty. Fail. :)

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Genie is coming in town!

Do you remember Aladdin Movie? the thing about this movie which i remember the most is that this is the first movie i've been watched in cinema. Aladdin is a 1992 American animated adventure film produced by Walt Disney Picture. this animation movie was phenomenal in its era. The story of Aladdin and princess Jasmine is also romantic, they are sweet lovely couple.  who knows after 18 years the movie had been launched, the phenomenal Aladdin is applicable on fashion trend by its Harem pants.

this is the picture of Aladdin and princess Jasmine wearing Harem Pants 

and this trend is flourishing, i saw many people wearing this pants on their creative style and they are so stunning!!!

Genie Pants in mustard yellow

genie pants in Kiwi Green

Genie Pants in mysterious black

Genie pants in Gypsi

You can find this colorful and adorable harem pants at Brira , they also sell cotton Dress. Lovely.

yellow cotton dress

black cotton dress

i'm wearing the black cotton dress :)

Why do we read Quran, even if we can’t understand a single Arabic word?

Why do we read Quran, even if we can’t understand a single Arabic word???? This is a beautiful story.

An old American Muslim lived on a farm in the mountains of eastern Kentucky with his young grandson. Each morning Grandpa was up early sitting at the kitchen table reading his Quran. His grandson wanted to be just like him and tried to imitate him in every way he could.
One day the grandson asked, “Grandpa! I try to read the Quran just like you but I don’t understand it, and what I do understand I forget as soon as I close the book. What good does reading the Qur’an do?”
The Grandfather quietly turned from putting coal in the stove and replied, “Take this coal basket down to the river and bring me back a basket of water.
The boy did as he was told, but all the water leaked out before he got back to the house. The grandfather laughed and said, “You’ll have to move a little faster next time,” and sent him back to the river with the basket to try again. This time the boy ran faster, but again the basket was empty before he returned home. Out of breath, he told his grandfather that it was impossible to carry water in a basket, and he went to get a bucket instead.
The old man said, “I don’t want a bucket of water; I want a basket of water. You’re just aganot trying hard enough,” and he went out the door to watch the boy try in.

At this point, the boy knew it was impossible, but he wanted to show his grandfather that even if he ran as fast as he could, the water would leak out before he got back to the house. The boy again dipped the basket into river and ran hard, but when he reached his grandfather the basket was again empty. Out of breath, he said, “See Grandpa, it’s useless!”
“So you think it is useless?” The old man said, “Look at the basket.”

The boy looked at the basket and for the first time realized that the basket was different. It had been transformed from a dirty old coal basket and was now clean, inside and out.
Son, that’s what happens when you read the Qur’an. You might not understand or remember everything, but when you read it, you will be changed, inside and out. That is the work of Allah in our lives.”

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The Most Rigid Opponents

And of mankind there is he whose conversation on the life of this world pleased thee (Muhammad), and he called Allah to witness as to that which is in his heart; yet he is the most rigid of opponents. (QS. Al- Baqarah : 204) 

Dan di antara manusia ada orang yang ucapannya tentang kehidupan dunia menarik hatimu ( Rasulullah SAW), dan dipersaksikannya kepada Allah (atas kebenaran) isi hatinya, padahal ia adalah penantang yang paling keras.(QS. Al- Baqarah : 204)

Dear My GOD Almighty,
 I wonder how many people out there are very skeptical about You, Your words or every line that is quoted on Quran. They call us Lazy because we are just taken what is written in Al Quran for granted without exploring more. What’s wrong about that? I don’t  have a bright and critical mind like them, but I don’t need a brilliant brain if I become cocky and cynical about You. I prefer being stupid and penniless but still believe what You and our Rasulullah SAW brought to us, to being smart, imperious and unsure of Your existence. God led me to the right path. Don’t let the people who think Your rules are shallow ruin our faith. You are my precious, and I feel so terrible mad if there’s anybody who tells untruth about You.

Ya Allah! I ask of You integrity and soundness in my religion, my life, my family, and my possessions.

Ya Allah! Guide me to the best of deeds and the best of morals, as none can guide  to the best except You, and save me from bad deeds, as none can save me from what is bad except You. Ya Allah! Strengthen my faith, expand my living space, and bless me in my livelihood.

Ya Allah! I seek refuge in You from a knowledge which does not benefit, from a heart which does not tremble, from an ego which not sated, and from a supplication  which is not accepted.

Ya Allah! Support me and help me, and do not let others overpower me, guide me and make the following of Your Commands easy for me.

Ya Allah! Grant us the best of outcomes in all our affairs, and save us from disgrace in this world and from punishment in the Hereafter.

Ya  Allah! I ask You for Your love and the love of those who love You, and for the love of every action which will bring me closer to Your love. Ya Allah! I ask You the best of the request for the best in my supplication, for the best success and the best reward. Strengthen me, make heavier my balance of good, confirm my faith, elevate my rank, accept my worship, and forgive my mistakes, and I ask of You the highest ranks in the Garden of Paradise. I ask You for good beginnings, good endings, the totality of goodness, from the first to the last, from within and from without, and I ask of You the highest ranks in the Garden.

May Allah’s blessings be upon Muhammad SAW and his family and Companions. Amin.