Senin, Januari 31, 2011

Newly Wed

Yesterday i attended my friend's wedding reception. The Groom and the bride are my friend when i was at senior high school. my partner was out of town, He went to Batam and Singapore for business ( envy him so much !!) so i  joined my friends to come to the wedding. It's always nice to see my old friends, we chat, ate and laughed... i don't know what to say anymore.. i've been lossing my words lately, maybe i'm a little bit tired. Oh ya, my lil brother was getting hospitalized. The doctor said He have liver disorder ( hepatitis A), so he need much bed rest. I'm worrying my mom also, she is taking care of my brother at Hospital. less sleep and tired. Mom, may Allah always take care of you and you will get the best place in heaven. amin

My dress

The Newly Wed
Puche and Me

Jumat, Januari 21, 2011

ABAYA rules

The ABAYA are such an inspiration.
breath taking.
they provide various occasion to wear Abaya.
they also sell hijab and accesories.
just check out their website

i CAN smile :)

my life is going smoothly so far. I've already passed the psycho test from BPK and now i'm waiting for the result that will be updated on the end of February . I pray for everything that is the best in the eyes of Allah SWT. Of course my greatest wish is to be accepted but i don't get it as a stressful, because i know Allah SWT plan is always the best for me.

anyway, the effect of my braces is appearing day by day.. you know? one of the reason why i'm using braces is that to make A SMILE on my face. Before i'm using braces, i can't smile without showing my teeth ( yes, i had a very crowded and big teeth), and  because the magical technique of braces, i can make a smile on my face without showing my teeth.. i think my smile is so sincere and more humble now hihihi ihiiiiyyy Alhamdulilah...

sweet smile hu uhh? :)

shocking face of CHILO and my humble smile

lack of mineral water as always.. huhhh

agak agak monyong sih teteppp ("-_-)

flowers everywhere...How money flowers on the pict?  let's get the answer,, :)

Mie Japan or Lidi Lidian

i found my favorite snack when i was a kid.
Lidi and Kue cincin.  
lidi is like dry pasta which is coated by chili powder. the taste is so savory and salt.
make you want it more and more
Kue cincin is like mini doughnut but it is made of flour and palm sugar. 
the taste is sweet and sticky.
nowadays, it's so hard to find my childhood snacks.
because some has been disappeared and some has been changed into a new brand or product, and usually the taste and the quality is totally different from the one we used to eat in the past.

this is Lidi and Kue cincin i found this morning at Pasar Lenteng Agung. 
the shop is like a snack heaven. there are a lot of variant of snacks. 
but unfortunately i couldn't find Anak MAS.
one package cost IDR 4000 , i bought 4 package for USD 15.000. the seller gave me a discount :).

Lidi with salt and chili flavor. the one on the rightest is Kue Cincin.

the team who searched childhood snacks. mission accomplished.

still looking for this snack. ANAK MAS

Senin, Januari 10, 2011


Since next week I’ll have a psycho test on BPK (Supreme Audit Agency) >> I’ve passed the second test of BPK government employee enrollment, Alhamdulillah ya Rabb  << , I’m learning about psycho test and trying to do the test. As far as I remember, I never take a psycho test before, but once I’ve had an IQ  test when I was in High School. I had a blank idea before I learned about the test. And you know, the test is getting me frustrated, since I can’t answer even one single question without looking to the key answer. One thing that makes me more frustrated is that the test is dominated by drawing. And you know? I hate myself for a fact that I can’t draw and I don’t have drawing talent even a little. So I’ve decided to concentrate myself on practicing my drawing to face the psycho test.  On psycho test usually a tester will command the participant to do Draw a man test, Baum test ( drawing a tree), and Wartegg test.  Drawing a man and a tree is not an easy thing for me. I practice my self by watching drawing tutorial from You Tube.  This one example of drawing a man tutorial :

Wartegg test has stolen much attention for me, because it is quite unique. It’s describing people’s mental health and psychological condition and for a simple observation you can notice how creative and imaginative they are through their drawing on Wartegg test. This is a template for wartegg test  :

And these are what my friends have done, when I asked them to do the wartegg test. I can’t stop smiling, wondering, and giggling after looking to their ‘masterpiece’ :D

forgive inappropriate drawing on the second picture, He is mentally ill :p the third picture is mine.

i love the idea of man driving a car on the first pict, Upin & Ipin on the second pict, and the singing man on the third pict :)

Jumat, Januari 07, 2011

3 must things for this year!

1. BODY EXERCISE... hell yahhhhhhh.. i wanna get back my old weight.. under 50 kilos please.. it is like a disorder imagination or a true fact that i see a white (wide) board everytime i see the mirror.. wooh wuohhh horror! i have a plan with my bf to have a routine jogging every sunday morning and swimming on the afternoon. i hope it will work until the end of the year :)

2. READING  AND LEARNING AL QURAN more ! i have to ... oh it is a must to add my knowledge about Al - Quran! i want to attend more 'pengajian' (Al - Quran reciting study group) and learn about Islam. since i knew nowadays, there are so many people who has lost from the right path of Allah SWT.. ihh i'm so scared thinking about the azab!

3. TAKING SEWING OR COOKING COURSE! i don't wanna postpone this anymore.. :)

Rabu, Januari 05, 2011

Saman in Latino


I was given this video from You Tube by my friend. 
i suddenly think of Saman Dance from Aceh
my favorite dance ever and i used to mastering it :).
i really wanna try to be like the couple on the video.
they and their dancing hands are very stunning.

Senin, Januari 03, 2011

My Hijab Style 2010

2010 flashback

  • My boyfriend had a crash accident. His arms broke. He had a surgery three months after the accident.
  •  i've been hospitalized for the first time in my life. Because of Dengue fever.
  •  my grandma passed away 10.10.10
  • i've tried to enroll to 4 department to be a government employee. 3 has been failed, i'm waiting for the last one on early January. I couldn't hope anything more.. But, i could make it. :)
  • got a new love in my life.. My gorgeous cat! Chilo. He was gifted from my angelic senior at college. Kak sarah.
  • my relationship with bf was getting better and better. We spent more time together to live our life in proper way. We love Allah SWT above all. i love you dear.. :)
  • my driving license n stnk lost. It was reflected how careless am i.
  • i moved on my grandma's house because my home was being renovated, untill now i'm still staying there.
  • lost my twins nephew from my cousin , Andien.
  • get a new niece from my cousin Kakak Ari , Rifat.