Selasa, Desember 27, 2011

2011 kaleidoscope

A year, always full of memories, good or bad, fortunate or unfortunate, get or loose, stay or gone.. but each year has  its own story. 2011 is an amazing year for me. this is the year which I could say… my fortunate year..Beyond my expectation.. My year of grant..but of course some sad stories contained.
I will make a kaleidoscope of this year within per month..


This Is beginning of the year.. when I was fighting to get a place in BPK ( The Supreme Audit Agency). I’ve passed the fourth round. I’m the biggest three, but they need only two people there. I was waiting for the final result on March.


My unforgettable birthday ever! Celebrating my birthday in BALI.. with my boyfie, my cousin and my friend,, Rock Bar at Ayana Resort to be the exact venue for my birthday. I felt so happy that day, and felt blessed.. it was the best holiday in my life.


BIG FAILURE. I’m the one who wiped out on the big three of BPK employee selection. It likes standing at the edge of the cliff and you finally fall down. But at the end I could handle it, I believe that Allah SWT has a better plan for me in the future. Oh yaaa.. in this month, uni Gina and Ferdy got married. Uni Gina is Ghani’s sister, my future sister-in-law , Insya Allah :).


Nothing special happened in this month, but I remember I changed my hijab style a lot,was trying this and that..and finally got the comfortable one.. yeah.. it’s a process to be a better of myself hehe.


I experienced Quarter- life syndrome.. hehehe.. that time was the worst, I really want to speed up my stage of life, I wasn’t comfortable with my life at that time. Actually because I’ve got so many wedding invitations, I felt that I’m left behind. Hahaha but thank God it just temporary. I’m going back to the track, and think more positively.
This is the great month for my Big family, we went to BALI, denpasar to attend my cousin’s Wedding. Yes, Ka Devi and wahyu were finally married couple. It’s been a long time my Big Family didn’t have an outside town trip. I love that moment so much! Alhamdulillah we’ve made it. I wish that we could have some trip again, next year. Amin.


I met a friend from cyber world.. she’s lovely Nanda, we planned to have a brand clothing and share our dreams to be an entrepreneur. Untill now, it hasn’t been real, but I wish someday I could make it. It’s only a matter of time and … hmmmm.. money I think.. hahha
In this month my two best friend were moving to outside Jakarta. Mba dita and Ummah. Mba Dita has come back to Jakarta.. Ummah still lives in Gorontalo. But we are still in frequent contact.


My Boyfie birthday L unfortunately I couldn’t make it special just like he did on my birthday, but he said it wasn’t a matter at all as long as I was there by his side.hahaha isn’t he lovely? Hehe, we just went to Senayan City to see Transformer exhibition, and have a delicious ‘late lunch’ on Pancious.


Hehehehe I was participated in Muslimah Beauty 2011. That’s all I can say. :)


Ied Fitri. Always became a special moment for my family. But there is some sad story from my family. Despite all, I keep grateful for everything that happened in mya life. Thank Allah SWT.


Another surprise from Allah SWT. I couldn’t imagine before this happened. I went to Singapore! That is the first time i was going abroad. Great experienced and I am super duper happy.
And still  in this month, my another dream came true! I could watch a concert  from my favorite boyband since I was junior hi school. WESTLIFE! I’m super glad!
Seems the goddess of October has fallen in love with me, He gives a great gift on this month hehehe.


KOREA.The month I was starting again to crazy a lot about Korea, it is The drama, the foods, the actors, the music the culture and the country that make me fall in love much much much about Korea. I can forget all the burden and being more happy after watching Korean drama or film. It just like a drug to me! I wish I could be there someday to feel everything that now, I just can see on the screen.. Amin ya Allah.


I’m getting crazy about make up! I’m learning so much the right technique of make up and suddenly many opportunities came to me. I will continue learning about make up and many thing. I still have a debt, I should have able to sew, but until now, it is pending. I wish next year I could learn many things.

To conclude all, 2011 is such a blessing year for me. I could get rid of all the pain and loose because the happiness I’ve got in this year has covered all my unfortunate. Allah SWT has given me MANY that I couldn’t have any reason to deny. I always wishing my future story will have greater plot. Psssttt.. 2012.. maybe I will change my status?? Let’s pray for the best :)

Senin, Desember 19, 2011

Puche & Panji's wedding preparation

i will have my first project on Puche & Panji's wedding reception on January 15th 2012. The project is do the make up and jilbab for 15 ladies who are Puche & Panji's relatives. Yesterday is our final meeting before the day. We were discussing about the make up equipments but most of time we were chewing.. hahaha Puche always have many great foods for us when we came to her house. hehehe wish me and sari lot of luck on the day of Panji and Puche. I only hope one thing, that the ladies will not complaint, at least if it is happened, not in front of me and sarie hahaha :p. 

left-right : the bride to be Puche, me, sari, ghani & mamet

me. seated next the bride to be, and i hope i will be the next bride.. hehe..

Selasa, Desember 13, 2011

make up

i'm obsessed with make up lately, i don't know when it was started but it was happened gradually. I never go to a salon or a beauty center frequently, i hate spending hours in salon, i do a body and hair treatment in my home, even when i have to attend a special occasion, i do my make up by my self . I'm not expert of course, but i'm enjoying 'trial and error process' of my make up skill. Now, i'm collecting make up tools, yes they are expensive! in make up : you have money you'll get quality. so, i'm getting frustrated when i realized that my 40 % expense was spent to buy make up tools. I hope this hobby will earn back my money.. hmm let's see my first project in January, i will do a make up and jilbab do for Puche & Panji's wedding committee.

Talking about my inspiration on make up, i really love natural, flawless and subtle but look stunning. and i,m fallin in love with Jung Saem Mool make up style. She proves us that make up not always put everything colorful and make you face like 'a clown'. With a right technique and right material, you can make your face stunning and different. i can't explain more in good words, just check her Youtube channel  here or FB .. and i bet you will fall in love with her make up style!

this one is my favourite video, for everyday look!

Jumat, Desember 09, 2011

Happy Birthday Mom

Today is my mother birthday, She's half a century now. Wow..  she's getting older and i look her stronger day by day.. and i love her more for what she does to me everyday.. serving me a breakfast, making me carrot juice , and do a laundry for my clothes. i shouldn't let her do all the housework she does everyday, but she keep on assuring me that she is fine. sometimes and recently it becomes often that i can let myself live without her presence, i don't have much conversation with her on our daily life,  but just to see her face, i can go through all difficulties in my life. i need her to be around me everytime i need, because her advices always make me  dissolved. Her voice like The God's voice to me. And i'm so scare now,  cause i'm not to be the girl that she expected. I'll try to make it up for her.. Happy Birthday Ibu.. Ridha sayang ibu..

Selasa, November 29, 2011

fall in KOREA

Long time not post any post! Wkwkwk.. and my passion has changed a lot in a blink of eye!
Hihihi.. no, I didn’t  change my old passion, I still love fashion, make up, sewing, styling, cats, food, stalking (oops).. hahaha but it is expanded.. I’m falling in love with KOREA! It was starting when I watch K-drama, the title is “Personal Taste” staring Lee Min Ho and Son Ye Jin (you all must don’t have any idea about who they are!).. I used to crazy about K-Drama, when I watched Full House, Memories in Bali, Lovers in Paris and the most Booming K-Drama.. the Gun Jun pyo drama .. Boys Before Flowers (F4)., but along with the film ended, my hysteria was extinguished. And now, I became crazy anymore about KOREA! I watched the drama all night long, I keep on curious until the end of episode, and suddenly awaken by the call of prayer at dawn (adzan subuh maksudnyee).. it is totally crazy that I really stunned with the character in the drama, they are all have natural acting character, unaffected acting!

It is so easy to fall in love with them! Until I thought that I have to know more about them, I became so excited to know everything about KOREA! I am learning the language, read about the history, follow all the Kpop news, and dreaming to step my foot on INCHEON International Airport someday..
Sorry if I will talk more about KOREA in my next post.. and don’t misunderstood, I still love Indonesia  on the top of any country in the world. 

i love this K-Drama Couple at Personal Taste

How can i resist him? i am officially MINOZ ( Lee Min Ho Fans Club) after watched 'PERSONAL TASTE'

The Adorable Park Si Hoo (The Princess Man, Queen of Reversals, Prosecutor Princess)

Annyeong! (Goodbye in KOREAN)

Kamis, November 03, 2011

Sex Education. Don't say it taboo anymore..

Do you ever notice your genital? Before last Sunday, I never knew my own genital until a friend of mind , Boti,  gave me and some of my other friends a short counseling about reproductive system or genital system. I don’t know who create the first error about this comprehension that something which is connected with genital considers taboo. But this comprehension Is already embedded and entrenched in our culture, u can’t talk about ‘a dirty things’ (they call it to comprehend a genital system) until you get married. I have realized that the theory of ‘taboo things’ has lead many teenagers to an ignorance of sex education. I don’t want to talk much about the bad things that happened as a result of misunderstanding comprehension of sex education, but I this time I will emphasize to how much you know about your own genital system?

My friend told me that we , at least once in a lifetime, have to take a look our own genital by means look it in a mirror! Of course by yourself, except you have husband or wife, u can mirror and learn together about your spouse’s genital. Before knew it important, I never thought to look my own genital in a mirror, I just thought that what we looked on picture or video is alike with mine. But I was wrong. Every human have their own characteristic of genital system, and it is important to everyone knows her/his own genital system.  It is useful to detect genital disease early, to know more what is good for you or what is bad for your genital, and the important thing is to respect ourselves, yes, how could people respect us if we don’t know all parts of ourselves? 

My friend also gave me information about contraception, it is important when we plan to marry.  We don’t want to have a baby each year right? Except you plan that way.. He told me that communication with our spouse consider sex education that can keep away you from sex violence. We, as individual, have a right to choose.  For example if you plan to postpone having a baby, you have to make a win-win solution with your spouse what contraception will be used.  I never thought that far before, but sooner or later, I will face that circumstance.  It is not a taboo matter to discuss if you relate it with health. I consider it as a brilliant information that I never thought it is important before. 

I have some bad stories how lacking of sex education has snatched the future of some of my relatives. They never knew the information early, so what has happened was they got sex violence from their boyfriend, and end up with unwanted pregnancy. I really don’t want it happen with my children in the future, I have to know the right information about sex education, and I will educate my children in their earlier ages than when I was know about it. It’s not taboo anymore, to know that the largest woman death cause is breast cancer and HPV cancer. You can do something from now, at least in your closest circle. 

Rabu, November 02, 2011

.......i wish someday i will able to erase this post..

Sometimes in my life,  I feel unlucky for some things that I possess ,precisely the destiny that I have, even things that has been attached to me since I was born.
I never want to replace my life with others, never ever, I thankful the life that God has given me.
But the feeling of wistful always comes when I feel there are some parts of my life which not gratify me. Everybody does, it’s not an uncommon thing, it’s so human, no?
I know, when I was complaining about the life I live in, many people are dying to reach the place where I am to be. How could I keep complaining, while there are millions reasons for me to be thankful and feel blessed?
Directly to the point,
now, i h**e someone.
He should be loved by me.
To love him is an obligation for me.
It’s different love when you love your boyfriend.
His blood is in me. That’s why, respect and love him is a must.
I don’t know when I was starting to dislike him.
The thing for sure, I am hurt because he has betrayed me and some people whom I love the most in my life.
Betraying always leads to revenge.
I don’t want to take a revenge for what he did to me and people whom I love.
It’s not a good thing.
I should forgive him, but I can’t.
I have God.
God will know the most proper punishment for Him.
Actually, I don’t want to hurt him like he did.
I don’t want make the situation hard for us.
I know he is kind.
He just lost the way.
I play my role better than him.
I’ve did everything to make him proud.
Yes, I know he’s a human, he could do mistakes like I did.
But it’s getting worse when he doesn’t fix the mistakes.
I’m so easy to forgive him who hurt me, but I will never forget what he did to me.
I don’t want God hates me because of this.
It’s something that is so wrong to hate you.
I want love you, but I wish u could change.
I don’t wanna live in a shadow of your childish attitude.
It’s enough P.

Jumat, Oktober 28, 2011


yeah finally i have visited Universal Studio Singapore (USS). it's like DUFAN in Jakarta but in my opinion, DUFAN has more excitement than USS. It is because USS has less attractions than DUFAN, but still both have its own uniqueness. My favorite are Ancient Egypt and Sci-Fi city! u can see my photos, i'm not in a good mood to write a long review :D or just go jump to FATIN LIYANA's blog, she has the same story like me, but we were not on a team. hehe

the Spinning Globe

Fitness Man on Egypt hehe

New York City

with Marlyn Monroe

Halal food on USS, Indian food, i don't really like it.. :(

Selasa, Oktober 18, 2011


October 2011 is my blessing moment in my life. The euphoria of Westlife concert wasn’t off yet, another euphoria has come. I have a chance to traveling abroad. Although I wasn’t crossing the continent but still, that was my first experience. Yeay!

This time was Singapore, yes I know some of my friends have been went there before, since Singapore is expanding its tourism site to visit. But I’m so Happy to finally could go there!
I could learn so many things about the culture that is different with my country. It’s like mini Jakarta but far more orderly. I love their transportation system, the airport, the bus, and of course the MRT! That are all very well organized and in a good maintenance. The people in SG have a good rhythm of their daily activity, work in the morning, going back to home or socialized with friends or lovers. It’s a lovely view! I love to observe people on MRT, most of them don’t really like to chit chat, they busy with their own gadget! Yes almost all Singaporean have iphone or galaxy Samsung. Blackberry is not too famous in SG just like in Indonesia where all people worship Blackberry so much. Another goodness I’ve learned from SG is the people, yes, they have a big conscious to obey all the regulation from the government. They are very dynamic people and all the transportation system very support them to  be mobile. You won’t find a driver that keep moving when the traffic light is red, even the road is vacant.  I saw from their face, they are all really love their job, a shop keeper, a driver, a merchant, even a janitor that I saw, always put a smile on their face. Lesson learned, Singapore is a small country that has a big heart, a strong spirit and discipline.  But still, compare to SG, I love Indonesia more, especially for FOOD!

Jumat, Oktober 14, 2011

Kian Lovely Tweets for Indonesian Fans

After the Bad incident at the concert in Jakarta, Westlife personnel were tweeting some relieving statement for Indonesian fans. Me likey Kian tweets! He's just loving us so much!
He's so NICE! i love Kian too beside Nicky hehe

Westlife Gravity Tour 2011 is a miracle!

5 October 2011 was my fantastic day in my life. Two important things were happened. First, It was 7th anniversary with my boyfie and second is WESTLIFE GRAVITY TOUR in Jakarta. Has been a while, and my dream came true! I am a fan of WESTLIFE since I was 12 yo, and at that time, I couldn’t afford to watch their concert! And can u imagine how happy I am when finally I could buy Westlife ticket concert by my own money? It’s incredible yet exciting moment in my life.

I will write a review about  the concert.

I bought a ticket for tribune 2 , it cost me 600k + 10 % tax and it is the cheapest class for the concert. Festival cost 750k + tax and tribune 1 cost 650k + tax. The venue located in Tennis Indoor Senayan, I never been there before, and people said it is smaller than Istora Senayan. I got there at 5 PM with Puche. The concert would start at 8 PM, the crowd has been started from the time I got there. There wasn’t strict surveillance, the committee were around but didn’t control the spectators. I had a very awful experience while I was in the line of spectators, there was a security who was being messed up with us, he asked me and my friends to move forward because there was a gap in the line, but he asked with very impolite way! My bad impression to the promoter was started!
The gate opened at 7PM, the committee checked our ticket and what inside our bag, but they are so careless, even my friend who brought a video camera could enter the gate.
I’m lil bit disspointed with the venue at tribune 2. The strategic seats have been reserved by the special guest from sponsor. it was very unfair while we spent our money to buy the ticket and the sponsor didn’t, ( yes the company did but not in person). In Fact, so many granny and grandpa were attending the concert (they are from ‘the sponsor family').
The concert was started with XO-IX performance.. yeah the spectators were yelling at them, but I think they were not really bad, I really like their dance performance, more dynamic than SM*SH and the most entertaining part was when they sang Backstreet boys  medley! 

And finally at 20.15 PM Kian, Mark, Nicky and Shane showed up! I can’t find the right words! I’m over excited so that I just could scream their name.. hmmm actually I screamed “NICKKKKKKKKKKYYY”..

The first song that they sang was When You Looking Like That.. since the first song  was an upbeat song , the spectators were getting pushing to the front! And some of them were fainted, the next songs are World Of Our Own, What Makes a Man, Safe, dan Home. After the sang ‘Home’ the drama was started!

Westlife crew stopped the concert since they thought that the concert became dangerous for the spectators. And the most embarrassing thing is the committee could not handle the situation, they just instructed us from the stage without any instruction on the location (festival venue). CHAOS. And so sad westlife crew told that the show will be stopped if they think it’s still dangerous.
30 minutes wasted and the promoter still couldn’t handle the situation until Nicky and Shane shown up and coordinated the spectators from the stage! What ashamed!

the crowd

Finally Shane told us that they will sing one song and if the condition has back to normal and not dangerous anymore they will continue the show. Yes, the concert was continued, BUT at 22.00 PM they ended the concert, after sang ‘uptown girl’ and say goodbye to us. We couldn’t believe , we thought that they will shown up again! And after saw the crew has tidy up the band equipment, we knew that the concert was really over.. so sad.. they didn’t play the medley , and other songs!
HOW COME? It’s a bad track for the promoter. It is International artist and the promoter didn’t do professionally to handle the concert. And so bad that all media reported that the fault is on the audiences who could not be cooperative! Hey you the PROMOTER! do u know that the capacity of Tennis Indoor is just 4500 people and you forced the 'illegal' audiences to come in so there are 6000 people there? how can we breath? MAR***** is sucks! 
their performance was amazing!

my favourite sexy Daddy! Nicky

i thought Mark was on a bad mood at that night, but he tweet a nice thing for Indonesian Fans

Shane.. he's so lovely, his voice is real!
I’m so disappointed with the promoter, I have waited this moment for eleven years and the promoter  has succeed to ruin my dream. But over all.. WESTLIFE performance was WICKED COOL!!
I am proud to be their fans, their love to Indonesian fans so BIG! It is proved by their tweet to Indonesian Fans, we are special for WESTLIFE. Thank you Kian, Mark, Shane and Nicky.. we will love u like there will be no end! It is so relieved when Kian twitting that they will come back to Indonesia and they will never give up on Indonesian fans! So sweet to know the fact that Indonesia fans have a special impression for Westlife. 

I LOVE WESTLIFE. And I’m proud of it.  

Senin, September 26, 2011

Six easy ways to earn even after death

  • Give a copy of quran to someone. Each time one reads from it, you gain.
  • Donate a wheelchair to a hospital. Each time sick person uses it, you gain.
  • Participate in building a masjid.
  • Place watercooler in a public place.
  • Plant a tree. You gain whenever a person or animal sits in its shade or eats from it.
  • And the easiest of all, share this message with people. Even 1 applies any of the above, you gain.
thanks Fatin Liyana 

I Do believe..You hear.

God..i know that everything that i haven't got yet is not a punishment from You. You just save the best for the last. but, please make the last come sooner. I need You.. to make my dreams come true.. i wanna make them , people who love me, proud of me, i wanna share happiness to them. God i thank u for listening me.

Jumat, September 16, 2011

Kamis, September 15, 2011

a story from LEBARAN

Lebaran always be an amusing moment in my life, it is once in a year and this moment never leaves a negative impression. Me and all family always happy to welcome Lebaran.
This year was lil bit different since this is the first Lebaran without my grandma. Last year on Lebaran day,  she was sitting on the green chair in front of her room, not in a good condition but at that time we didn't know that was her last lebaran. We miss you a lot mbah uti.. :")
This year, i'm so dissapointed with the government, they set a different date of Lebaran which has been scheduled on the calender And what happened was the difference date of 1st of Syawal and many housewives had cooked lebaran dish two day before Lebaran day that has been set by the government. it's funny when many people had eaten opor and ketupat in the last day of their fasting day.
but My family had choosen to celebrate Lebaran based on Muhamadiyah decision because it was the same decision with Saudi Arabia government. I won't offend anyone who had chosen different day of lebaran with me, as long as they have a strong faith in their hearts, because only Allah SWT who knows the righteous.

yeah and this is it LEBARAN ..means foods, cookies, new wadrobe, new heart, meet relatives, and sharing money to my cousins, niece and nephew! it's all about excitement!

meeting all relatives, there are some of them that i met only every once in a year!

ketupat opor sayur nyummmmy

gave a Lebaran money to my lovely nephew syahmi!

my complete nuclear family + chilo :)



assalamualaikum wr.wb handai taulan sanak saudare.. hihihi yes yes i know, there are so many events i've been skipped to share in this blog, but  i promise Insya Allah i will share them one by one soon! :D ( as if there are so many people who read this blog! hahahhaha)

There is an important thing i wanna share you, i've found a great blog lately, it is MARI BERHIJAB !
if I'm not mistaken, the creator of this Mari Berjilbab movement is Ola Aswandi , i knew her through twitter and she is also one of blogger ( Haura Insiyah ) and part of Hijabers Community Committee.

i've once thought about this concept but yeahh.. it still leave in my mind until now, and thanks to Ola who has made 'my concept' into reality.
I've sent my story to email and has been post two days ago.

Subhanallah, you can read lots' stories from our sisters in different ages and background. The stories are so inspiring. I wish this movement can be something BIG in the future and there are a lot of muslimah who haven't wearing hijab could make up their mind to hijrah and cover their head with jilbab.  Amin ya Rabb.