Jumat, November 26, 2010

work like you don't need money

The words on the title is very hard to follow.. yes as everybody knows that we work for money! (most of us), we will work for other reasons  besides money if our basic needs has been fulfilled. I don’t know who was inventing money first, but it is very astonishing why this thing called money can do anything you want in this world. If I don’t have money, I feel sick and become ill-tempered. Hahahaha. 

These are my outfit along this week.. hope you can enjoy ME 

the braid rope as hair piece hmmm hijab piece :)

red makes me stunning

i'm in black mood

Kebaya can be modified with blazer & belt. it's so cute!

Rabu, November 24, 2010

Miracle Fountain

I’m a chocolate fountain fetish.. I consider that the chocolate fountain is a very great invention ever!
You can imagine , the chocolate melting from the chocolate fondue is like an overflowing lava from a fire mountain. It looks amazing.
I had not enough to think about the miracle of chocolate fountain and now someone amazed me more by creating CHEESE FOUNTAIN! Holllaaa yes chocolate n cheese are the best creation from God. And I’m so outrageous excited to taste this another miracle creation!
Typically, chocolate fountain has fruits, marshmallow, or pastry as its dipping. And for cheese fountain you can have sausage, finger stick biscuit, and pastry as its dipping.. *my saliva is starting to drip.
I found a yummy website to tickle your tounge..

Selasa, November 16, 2010


just wanna share pieces of my life with you.. hihihi 

i like bicycling a lotzzz..but don't have any time to do my hobby anymore..

i'm craving for that  Body & Soul white blazer, actually i can afford it but it just too much on the price (for me) hiksss.. so it's just ended on that fitting room..

i love the ribbon belt that i made from a fabric remnants.

with my other cousin, DIAS she is the smart ass.

it should be Idul Adha?

This morning I woke up with a very sloth body and soul.. it might be because I had a holiday spirit in my mind. I don’t know why the Indonesia government has different decision in deciding the Idul Adha.. There are two decisions about feast of Idul Adha.. Muhammadiyah followers celebrate Idul Adha today, 16 November and The MUI (Indonesia Ulema Council) who is the representative of the Government will celebrate Idul Adha tomorrow. My Family and I will celebrate the Idul Adha tomorrow like the majority people do beside the fact that today I still have to go to office.  This is not the first time happened in my country. We are familiar with the diversity because it is our soul , this country is like a melting pot, every kind of people are here, we have to deal with the diversity every day. Indonesians call it with Bhineka Tunggal Ika, unity in diversity just like a quotation on US President  Barrack Obama’ s speech last week at University of Indonesia when he visited Indonesia less than 24 hours J.  Yes, I’m proud to be Indonesian. With many diversity , we are living peacefully , side by side with very high tolerance. Allah SWT give this country so many blessing, that’s why I wonder if there any Indonesians who are not proud of this amazing country.

this is our national Logo, Garuda bird, the Garuda hold the ribbon which is reads Bhineka Tunggal Ika (Unity in Diversity)

Indonesia has more than 740 ethnic group, and they are living peacefully side by side.

Senin, November 15, 2010

cousin, coffee and social network

last saturday i have a whole day walked in the mall with my cousin, Ka devi. She is living in Bali and had a seven days holiday in Jakarta last week. Actually i feel so sorry for her n her mom, my aunty ( i call her Bude) as the pilgrimage trip has to be canceled because the Visa is rejected or some kind of reasons that i don't really understand. so here, a day before she come back to Bali, we planned to have a mall to mall trip. And Cilandak Town Square (Citos) was our first destination ( and to be the last due to the rain dropped and we decided to watch in cinema). Since Ka devi was craving for DimSum , we had lunch at Eaton. Anyway, Eaton has delicious dim sum in town beside one of their waiter is very charming *_* teeheee. After loaded our tummy a half, we decided to watch a movie, and found interest in Social Network, a biography movie of Mark Zuckerberg, yes who doesn't know him, a CEO of Facebook. The film is pretty entertaining but not inspirative beside the conclusion that " Your brain will be a thousand times brighter when your heart break by someone you love" .. hahaha Mark and I have a thing in common, we are not the person who will be in grieving for a long time and get down to the deep hole, but we have our own way to take a revenge to the person who had broke our heart, in a positive way, we show to her/him that we are SUPERIOR.. ihiihi.. then the things come up into creativity or productivity.. and when i found the one who has made my heart broke into pieces is a level down from me it means that the mission has accomplished! i win! ehehehhe..

after watched, we ate Ramen Sanpachi (38), the taste is negatively creating a bad mood as the taste is unfit to my tounge. Very unrecomended. at last we had our cup of coffee at Brew & Co, i ordered ice chocolate hazelnut and Ka Devi said it taste like Cendol.. HAHAHA..

on the way to home, we had a very bad congestion and it made my body over tiring, whereas i had an exam by tomorrow morning at Gambir which is so far away from my home.... ihkkkss

my cendol coffee (the left)

at Ramen 38 . the black lady is Ka Devi. In japan 38 is called Sanpachi, but a lady next to me said it is Ramen Thirty Eight, weww she's so kebule2an phewewew.

At Galeri Nasional.. met my old friends at University.

yeah again.. Chilovely :)

Senin, November 08, 2010

a blast week pictures

at last meeting my TVRI besties 'Banci' at mba Lenny's house. She was hosting an Aqiqah ceremony for Marco, her new born baby. 
From left to right : Mrs. Producer of ENS Mba Asti, ME :), Mrs. Camerawoman Mba Fanie Oetiani, a Beautiful mommy & a stunning news caster of Selamat Pagi Nusantara (TVRI) and Warta Malam Mba Lenny Hadiawati, The Guru of English News Service TVRI, Mba Dita F Sukarno.

with Mba Dita and Mba Fani

chilo was playing at back yard with his fav red ball!

Finally.. i'm so happy, He gave me this for our 73 monthiversary..
i love you my dear :)

my new Hello Kitty bows.. uber kyoooottt!

My own made art nail hihihi 

my cousin Arsya, she is in the first grade of Junior hi school..

Me Me Me.. i love the shawl very much!! it is easy to apply and steady in your head.
the Harem Pants is very comfy!!! Bye bye skinny :D

can't stand not laughing out loud!

i found the pictures on gif format of this craziest-drunken-whacky cats!! :D i can't stop laughing everytime i see these pictures!

kitten listening to Stevie Wonder song

toddler cat listening to House Music

Long Hair Pug Nose Cat listening to Dangdut Music

sleepy head cat listening to Keroncong music

Rebelious cat listening to Metalica song

Sporty Cat listening to SKJ (Senam Kesehatan Jasmani) song

:D they comical face make the world funnier !!


Selasa, November 02, 2010

Delizioso Magnum

Last monday i had a plan with him to spend our midday for walking around a lake.. and we found out the nearest lake from our home is a lake beside Balairung UI Depok, :p.. so we took a ride to UI. to avoid an image of 'Alay' (in Bahasa it is stand for ' Anak Layangan' actually the most nearest description for alay is the teenagers commonly 10-18 years old, who always follow the latest trend, they don't care if it is suitable for them or not, they admit that they know everything about music, dress up like an emo (but totally failed) with their skinny jeans and emo haircut , but their appearance is still totally failed :p), we decided not too long to stay there, just until we've finished eat the ice cream. Oh yeah we bought a delicious ice cream (for now) in town, Magnum Almond Belgian Chocolate from Walls, just cost Rp. 10.000,-, you can easy find it on Alfamart or Indomart and it will make your tounge melted.. :9. anyway there are so much funny things i captured there, but unfortunately i didn't capture alay couples who are tickling, cuddling and teasing each other in front of many people. Like the world is possessed by them, othe people are just rent :).

the not-too-bad Lake beside balairung UI

a man who was fishing next the warning sign of fishing prohibiton. let's say he's illiterate :)

can't take the magnum away from my mouth!

the delizioso magnum almond belgian chocolate!

ihiyy this is me with my new harem pants, 
it is so comfy but very sheer like not wearing any pants :)
do you see my bow bracelet? he said it is cute :)