Jumat, Januari 21, 2011

Mie Japan or Lidi Lidian

i found my favorite snack when i was a kid.
Lidi and Kue cincin.  
lidi is like dry pasta which is coated by chili powder. the taste is so savory and salt.
make you want it more and more
Kue cincin is like mini doughnut but it is made of flour and palm sugar. 
the taste is sweet and sticky.
nowadays, it's so hard to find my childhood snacks.
because some has been disappeared and some has been changed into a new brand or product, and usually the taste and the quality is totally different from the one we used to eat in the past.

this is Lidi and Kue cincin i found this morning at Pasar Lenteng Agung. 
the shop is like a snack heaven. there are a lot of variant of snacks. 
but unfortunately i couldn't find Anak MAS.
one package cost IDR 4000 , i bought 4 package for USD 15.000. the seller gave me a discount :).

Lidi with salt and chili flavor. the one on the rightest is Kue Cincin.

the team who searched childhood snacks. mission accomplished.

still looking for this snack. ANAK MAS

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  1. Masih ada yah yang jual anak mas?...wah ini makanan kesukaan saya waktu SD :)