Senin, Maret 28, 2011

my another failure

Today ,  my second biggest failure in my life is happened. I remember last month a psychiatrist asked me to tell her about my biggest failure in my life, I was thinking for a while, and finally I said to her about the moment that I consider it as my big failure, it was when I failed to enter Universitas Indonesia (UI).  I was so devastated at that time. The time keeps going on after that. Instead I had no choices at that time, I passed the university enrollment test with my alternate choices, it is Universitas Negeri Jakarta majoring English Literature.  I was living my life with the biggest regret in my heart.  But that regretful makes me live my life in a better way. I promise to myself that I can be better than them who could enter UI, I want the world to see me not because my university where I studied, but because of Me, yes,  because of my own ability. Until finally Allah has opened my eyes, that I could be more than what I expected I could be. 

these are what has happened after that..

I only took 3,5 years to graduate from university with cumlaude predicate, and I’ve got my first job as a translator in ENS TVRI even before I graduated. And now,  I’m working as a secretary of director at PT. Slog Oil & Gas. The story runs so smooth and it was nice overall. 

And why I face the second biggest failure today?

In my previous post, I’ve told that I’ve passed the fourth phase of BPK employee recruitment, and today is the final decision. And I didn’t make it. 


That’s the statistic number of employee recruitment on my majoring (English Literature)
I’ve passed until the number of 3.. then I failed to next step, to be the two people that they need. i'm the only one who had been dumped at last.
It’s so hard to face because I’ve already in a position one more step towards the destination and suddenly it has to stop.
So many ‘why’ are flying in my mind. The top ‘why’ come out in my mind is “why I didn’t fail in the first phase, second phase or third phase when i won't be the only one person who fail?”

of course it is so hurt and hard for me. but then I recall all my experiences when I have to face my first failure, I know it’s a trigger to my success in the future, just like what has already happened in my life before.
I really don’t have a right to decide what destiny is the best for me, Allah SWT does.
Thanks Allah that I still have so many things to thankful including my mom and my lovely people who never stop to encourage me. They mean gold for me.
I promise to stop grieving .. hmmm maybe in two or three days.. hehehe
I’ll continue my life, and I will never stop to reach my dream,, I know You are with me, Allah SWT, Ash Shamadu Al Mujiibu.

Selasa, Maret 22, 2011

Don Antonio Blanco Museum

Another destination place on my last holiday in Bali is Don Antonio Blanco museum. It’s located in Ubud. Despite I have been in Bali many times, that was the first time I went to Ubud, and I fell in love straightly with this village! Subhannallah! I couldn’t stop stare at the village along our trip there. You can see many sculpture, wood craving, and art boutiques along the road in Ubud. Everything is so artistic and the atmosphere is so peaceful. Before we went to Ubud we had lunch for a while at a restaurant, GOD I forgot the name, but it is Bali traditional rice, and the taste so hot and delicious!!

delicious traditional rice at Ubud.. super HOT! many foreigners come to eat this rice.

Finally we arrived at Antonio Blanco Museum. I was amazed to see the museum, it is like a forest house with many trees and birds. We have to pay IDR 30,000 for the entrance ticket.
Before we entered the gallery, we stopped for a while to take a picture with some beautiful birds, one of them is a Peacock and the other is a Hornbill. They are super cute and tame. I take some picture with them and I fell in love with them, I want to take them home with me. hehehe

me with the peacock and .. who is your name the cute greeny birdy??

the big hornbill!

Ghani and Me with our babies :) look, i'm the black he is the white! represent our skin right?? >.<

the lil greeny birdy!

And we entered the gallery. We can not take a picture there to avoid a piracy. You know? I’m not really into artistic painting, but there, when I saw all Mr. Blanco’s painting I was trembling. It’s very beautiful! Though he has been painted almost the naked body of women ( most of them are her wife body , Ni Ronji), but I don’t see any porn side there, it’s all beautiful and magic.  Oh ya, it’s weird when I saw the replica of Mr. Blanco’s painting, I didn’t feel the same impression as I saw the original one. You should go there to feel the magic. 

the gate

painting room..

hahaha he imitated mario blanco ( son of antonio blnaco) face

the gate of gallery

the painting with teapot frame :)

you can see the website of Antonio Blanco Museum here

Topmost Birthday Moment

This is a delay story of my birthday celebration, and it’s so funny that this story actually is the topmost of my birthday blast. I’ll start with a bad story in the past. Over the past five years I passed my birthday with my boyfriend, he has never gave me a surprise nor a gift right on my birthday, remain reason and other reasons.. but he always promised me to make up his mistakes and paid all the things that he ruined. I was just talking to myself, “ ohh please boy, it has been five years, and you did the same thing on my birthday each and every year , absence on my birthday is the most terrible thing for me, how could you make up your mistakes?” .. that was in the past, until the February 11 2011 came and he proved what he had promised me.  

He made a ‘conspiracy’ with my cousin Ka Devi to make a romantic dinner somewhere I didn’t know, at that day I just followed their rules until finally I arrived at a very beautiful place that I never imagine before. Yes that place is Rock Bar at Ayana Resort (Jimbaran). The Rock Bar is located along the 1.3 kilometer coastline of AYANA Resort and Spa Bali, a 77-hectare property that features 78 private luxury villas and a 290-room hotel. Sitting on natural rocks, 14 meters above the Indian Ocean at the base of cliffs, this open-top bar is Bali’s most glamorous sunset and after-dark destination.

I didn’t have any idea at first since as I know this place is very hard to get an access and very expensive for me or my boyfriend , it’s just too adorable and not affordable, haha. But it’s like a miracle, everybody welcome us, moreover, we got a VIP access to go inside the bar. We took an elevator that will cost IDR 200,000 per person, but we got it free. It’s all because my cousin Ka devi had just resign a month before from Rock Bar, yes she was a waitress at Rock Bar,  that’s why everybody treated us just like a family. We only ordered mocktail (non-alcoholic drink), I have Virgin Lychee Ginger Spring , it’s a blending of lychee, ginger, lychee syrup and sprite and Ghani has Virgin tropical tango. We were very excited and of course we didn’t let the chance to take as much as picture here there and everywhere. It’s not a weird thing as many foreigners also did the same thing with us, they used DSLR camera to take a beautiful view there. 


sorry for bad quality video :( due to my limited skills 

It’s another surprise for me that the manager of rock bar gave us a compliment, He is Bony! A young handsome and success manager of Rock Bar, he gave us the most wanted snack at Rock Bar, chicken pop corn with its magic sauce made from herbed olive oil and spiced dukkah and also potato wedges, curly fries, and pita chips with hummus, curry mayoinase and ketchup. Wow, I felt blessed. Actually, if we only order drinks, Rock Bar give us a free snack ( it’s a savory cassava chip) and also a wet towel to wipe our sweat as the weather on the coast is very hot and humid.  

It was beautiful thing in my life that I could see a sunset on my birthday at the beautiful place with my lovely people ; my boyfriend, my cousin, and my friends. Such an abundant blessing for me, when I thought it was over as the night was becoming darker, I’ve got another surprise! Ka Devi and Ghani told the manager that I am a birthday girl, at that day and everybody including the waiter and the waitress sang a happy birthday song for me, wow it’s so embarrassing yet very happy moment for me.

Thanks dear Ghani and Ka devi, it is my unforgettable birthday celebration ever, and for Ghani, u have paid all the ruined thing in the past, those five years bad moments have been removed with this one surprising and wonderful day . I really love Allah because Allah has made a decision to bring us together. Thanks Allah for Your over blessing.

the poolside on the coast beside Rock Bar! very cool..

the coastal view from our seats ( guest house seat beside the bar)

the bartender

potato wedged, curly fries and pita chips with lychee ginger spring

ka devi and me

behind me is the icon of rock bar - the big rock

my lovely man

Garit, me and Ghani in front of the bar

another view from the toilet
this is my birthday drink compliment 

Selasa, Maret 15, 2011

best friend

"Together forever, never apart.  Maybe in distance, but never in heart.”

last night i met my old friend Kelly after almost 7 years we hadn't met!
along that seven years we only up dated each other's life through internet. 
i really curious to hear her story, i missed the time when we talk so long until the dawn..
oh Kelly.. she's still my old kelly, humble, funny, and friendly. but she has lost numbers of weight, gosh! she is so slim now, i remember when we were at junior high school, she was a little bit chunky hahaha.. but i loved to hear that she is fine and has a better life now, though still there are many drama stories in our life ya kel? i love you my bestfriend :))

she's so skinny and beautiful

sssttt.. if you are a blog walker, maybe u notice her, she is  Cindy's lil sister ( diamond hurts )

doc. Only i

doc. Only i


Uni Gina & Ferdy's Wedding

On Saturday, March 5th 2011 Ghani's sister, Gina married her husband Ferdy at Masjid Agung AL AZHAR Kebayoran Baru. I love all the procession, from the Akad Nikah (married settlement procession) to the reception. The Akad Nikah held on the mosque and the reception held on the Buya Hamka's Aula. I really love the abaya used by the bride, it is glamourous yet syar'i..Gina said that she told the tailor to make her Akad Nikah dress based on the design of Irna La Perle gown, Gina show him the book that features Irna La Perle design and amazingly, the tailor could make the dress that is almost similar with Irna La Perle’s gown, of course with some modification here and there. But I loved the abaya so much, Gina and I have same opinion that we don’t really like kebaya, we think that kebaya can impress a sexy effect and it will appear your body silhouetted so it’s not syar’i. The Akad Nikah was held based on Islamic procedure. O yahh.. Generally in Indonesia the Akad Nikah procession is the bride and the groom sit in front of the wali (the father of the bride) and the penghulu (a civil employee from  Religious Affair office –KUA-) and they are covered together with a veil, and the groom pledge an Ijab Kabul. But Uni Gina and Ferdy do the unusual way, the groom pledged an Ijab Kabul first without the bride accompanied beside him, than after the witness said ‘SYAH’ the bride juxtaposed beside the groom. I heard from some sources that this is the processing that is allowed in Islam, but I don’t know for sure, I haven’t search any references yet hihi (lazy ass). And the reception is glamorous and cheerful! I really enjoyed the reception that begin with padangnese dance performs by uni and uda nan rancak ! (Beautiful sisters and brothers). I love the whole procession.. Especially when my boyfriend (Ghani) introduced me with all his family members, finally after six years  more it is the first time I was officially introduced with his family huhuhu. 

i did the make up by my self

the bride to be... hehehe Insya Allah

the souvenir : i really love it.. mini plant.. support 'go green' !

me and the pager bagus with beskap and songket

me, among the pager ayu with kebaya and songket

no, this is not the bride and the groom. this is me and him hahaha.. unfortunately i don't have a clear picture of the bride and the groom as i forgot to bring my digicam :(