Senin, Februari 28, 2011

the Power of Prayers.. again and again.. i'm fallin in love with My Allah SWT.


I've passed the fourth pace of BPK government employee enrollment!! one more pace..
Alhamdulillahirabbilalamin, i know it is from Allah SWT, and i shouldn't have too be big-headed, but one more thing that make me so amazed is, Allah SWT always hear us, and if it is good for us, Allah SWT will grant your wish. It's happened to me, there is no doubt.

I Love you Allah SWT :)

Kamis, Februari 17, 2011

Hidden Beach (Bali Part III)

My cousin, Ka devi once told me that she found a 'new' beach not far from her working place at Rock Bar, Ayana Resort and when i saw her screen saver at her laptop that display her photo at that beach  i was like telling her that we must go there soon.. and after having lunch at Mak Joo (Uluwatu) restaurant, we went to that hidden beach!
hmm i feel i have to write this. Mak Joo is one of recomended restaurant if you go to Bali especially after you visit the GWK since it is located not too far from The GWK. The food's taste is good and the most amazing is the price! very affordable! we (consist of 5 people)  only cost IDR 126,000 and it is including appetizer and desert! awesome :)

Fried Noddle, Calamari and spring rolls

mix fruit with more than 12 topping + ice cream vanilla only cost 12K

the hidden beach

the cave
no one thereeeee.. only us :)


with my lovely cousin, Ka Devi

Garuda Wisnu Kencana ( Bali Part II)

our first destination is Garuda Wisnu Kencana Monument, located at Uluwatu, Nusa Dua. Designed and built by Nyoman Nuarta, one of Indonesia’s foremost modern sculptor, the Garuda Wisnu Kencana statue or GWK and its pedestal building will be standing 150 meters tall with its wings span 64 meters across. i have been here twice, but i still curious to see the monument. I wonder when i arrived there, the Statue is still separated just like several years ago i've been there. but it's oke, the place is still interesting especially the cliff. you can take beautiful picture at the cliff alley. ticket price IDR 25,000 for local tourist.

in front of the statue of Wisnu
behind us is the final design of Garuda Wisnu Kencana statue.

pose in front of the garuda wisnu kencana story

in front of the statue of Garuda

between the cliff alley

stairs to the statue of wisnu

It’s my happiest birthday and holiday in my life! (Bali Part 1)

It starts from an offer from my bf’s college friend, Garit. She offered my bf and me a promo ticket to Bali from air asia. At first she said that the trip would be on September 2011, and then we approved to take the ticket. But Un(fortunately), the September trip was fully booked! And Garit searched for another trip that still in Promo price. And finally the date came up on February 10 to February 13.. we've got the return ticket JKT-DPS-JKT for only IDR 400,000  oooh how I love the date when she was offered me! It means one thing for me! For the first time I would be out of town on my birthday! Yippiiiiie and it’s BALI! Where you can breathe a holiday air everywhere.. It’s been so long since I was last went to Bali, I remember the last time I went with my aunty, my brother, and my passed-away granny , mbah uti :(. 

Then the date was come! I was over excited, more than anything! Alhamdulillah I’ve got permission from my bos and of course my parents who allow me to go for holiday with my BF since we will stay at my cousin’s house, Ka devi. So, it would be holiday without Hostelling :). And of course I keep their trust to me, and heyyy our intention is just Holiday! No other intention beyond that :p  So I don’t care people talking bad about me, as long as my parents trust me, it’s enough to be a God approval :).

Skip skip skip.. too long to describe all the details as I said before, I was over excited and everything became so fascinating to me..

First day and arrived..
It was about 11 pm Bali local time  (one hour difference from Jakarta). My cousin Ka devi had been waiting for me about an hour at airport, huuhuu I really missed her so much. And luckily during our holiday in Bali she would accompany us everywhere we go! She took two working days off for us, how lovely she is! So transportation matter is wrapped! Hehe.
We will stay at Ka devi’s house at Monang Maning Denpasar, so we decided to take a turn way to look a night life at Bali especially at Jalan Legian, where the Bali Bomb tragedy occurred several years ago. And ya ya ya.. I knew now why our extremes really enthusiastic to throw a bomb on that place ahahahha it’s a place where you can find a (temporal) happiness :) , Dancing, singing, drinking, laughing.. till you drop and losing memory :)
And finally the clock was ticking  I was like guessing something.. hahaha and my blackberry reminder went off, I read the details on my BB screen.. “Fridha Kusumawardani Birthday is now!” buahahhahaha 

my 23 birthday cake :)
Then the drama was starting… my BF took a tiramisu cake from behind the car (it’s one of conspiracy between Ka devi n my BF, I don’t know at all about this plan )  and lighted the candles.. oh and yeess everybody in the car singing happy birthday song for me… what a sweetttttttt moment kan? Hahaha.. Alhamdulilah. My birthday eve in Bali,  with a view of people singing and dancing along the street, in the middle of my beloved people and they were beside me :) I’m so happy Alhamdulilah ya Allah  and the birthday surprise not stop in here.. will be continue.. Insya Allah :) 

at terminal 3 SOETA Airport

i'm too excited and couldn't shut my eyes off :) hazelnut is my bestfriend!

he looked sexy tante-tante on that magazine.. fiuhhh


Senin, Februari 07, 2011

inside my bag

common have take a look what inside my bag..basically i'm a big-bag person, so if i have to go somewhere i prefer to bring a big size bag to carry out all my stuffs. and lately i'm in the mood of Backpacking.. hahaha since i ride motorcycle everyday, Backpack is the best choice and gak rempong like aunty - aunty.. :)

from left to right :
1. Make Up kit
2.Tori Burch wallet
3. Minus Specs
4.Note Book & Free Hotel Pen (my favourite Pen)
5. Ray ban space Glassess
6. Mini Al-Quran from my Boyfie.
7. USB blacberry cable & Hello Kitty Portable Charger
8. Green Ipod Shuffle
9. Love Shape Hair Vitamin
10. Victoria Secret Vanila Lace Body Spray
11. Olive Hand Cream
12. Soft lens case
13. pink furry pocket contains of two pen drives , Ipod Shuffle charger, and Universal Studio Singapore zodiac theme key chain from my boyfie.

And these are what inside the make up case :

From left to right :
1. Anna Sui Make up case
2. Rivera Eye shadow 
3. Rivera Blush On
4. La Tulip two way cake powder
5. Cable Hair Tie
6. LT pro basic pink eye shadow
7. Maybeline BB Cream
8. Pale Pink lipstick from Saudi Arabia
9. Maybeline brown lipstick
10 .MAC Hot Red lipstic
11. Maybeline Tutty Frutty Cherry lip gloss
12. Lip Therapy Vaseline
13. Maybeline Magnum Mascara  
14. aroma therapy oil
15. Rivera Liquid Eye liner
16. Refresh Contact anti dry liquid
17.Viva pencil eye liner
18.Rivera Eyebrows pencil
19. Ines Blue eyeliner
20.Korean white eyeliner
21. Applicator and Brush

this is my baby for my daily container :p
Long Champ Backpack

Rabu, Februari 02, 2011

My February Wishes

February is coming and no other words but EXCITED to face this month. Yes, one of the reasons is because it is my birthday month and as usual, I always waiting for surprise in this month. Though last years I didn’t get many surprises anymore like when I was a child or a teenager, but it’s like a tradition or instinctive that the hopes of birthday surprises always come every year… hehehe. At least if no one could give me any surprises , I know, Allah SWT always give me surprises even not on my birthday. Allah SWT is the super great!.

Okey I still hope anyone can grant my wishes … (ngarep dot com) , here are my list of wishes on this Lovely month :
  1. Short time wish : My brother can back home soon from his a-week-more hospitalized.. and my mom can get her long sleep as usual.  
  2. I can move from my granny’s house to my home.. since there are so many spooky stories in my neighborhood, I have no gut to move yet.  Oh I know, Allah SWT is the great protector, but it’s so humane to have a fear right?  I wish Allah SWT will give me strong iman (faith) to cope with this problem. Amin.
  3.  I wish My HOLI DAY to Bali will contain only FUN FUN and FUN… yes, next week I’ll have a four days holiday to Bali with my lovely boy and a friend, and I’ll stay in my cousin’s home in Denpasar.  I wish there’s no obstacle until the end of my holiday. Amin ya Allah.
  4.  My birthday (Insya Allah) will be in Bali…. Wuaaa it’s the most excited birthday in my life! Though I can’t celebrate my birthday with my parents and other family members, I’m happy so much that my birthday will be different from last (gloomy) birthdays :D
  5. The biggest and greatest wish of this month…. Ya Allah, give me that chance to pass the next phase of BPK (longggggg loooonnnnggg) recruitment process. ORIENTATION INTERVIEW. Amin. And if I have to stop here, please give me a better surprise as You always give in my life.
Yes that are my 5 whises for this month, butttt.. hehehihihuhhohohaha.. :D I have some additional wishes.. IF there is anyone out there who have a very kind heart to give me a gift or surprise on my birthday.. hihihuhuhahahehe *shy shy cat* : 

look at this! Mc Call Hello Kitty, is that cutie awesome? woww hello Kitty in my shoes! i'm drooling for this. anyone?  u can find the cheapest vendor which sell this cutie pairs HERE

STANDING MIRROR for my room woaaa it's lame, but this is one of my dream

Jane Batik Black - UP

BALENCIAGA.... any version of it! i would love to accept :)

Full Face helmet to replace my old one.. this woman Nolan helmet is very gorgeous!