Jumat, Maret 23, 2012

Java Jazz Festival 2012

WOWWW my life has been so amazing lately.. so many things happened.. it's a turning point.. i've resigned from office on 19th February 2012.. and everything turn out to be different! it could more than one post if i have to tell you all what was happened.. but i will tell you briefly that i feel so free now and i can do what i want to do without any burden.. okey i'm not denying that financial thing is the only thing that puzzled me now.. but i believe i could cope with this thing,,,

anyway.. a friend of mine gave me two days freepass on last java jazz festival.. it's amazing.. since i love jazz very much! and i could watch my favorite jazz musician live  performance..im so amazed by them!! will watch next year Java Jazz festival, Insya Allah :) let the photos tell you :)

Depapepe (duo guitar instrument from Japan).. i love them! :)

Erykah Badu , the star of the day

Rika Roeslan & Glen Fredly

Laura Figy

The beautiful Raisa

Stevie Wonder.. the greatest of all!