Rabu, Maret 31, 2010

this is unspoken

    1. Can u see even juz a little bright side of me?Or else,maybe u could ask ur baby boy,whydo he really love me?then,u can learn from him.

    2. I'm not a dope,I'm not a punk girl,I'm not a rebel, I'm not a loser
      ,but u treat me as if I am..what I'm suppose gonna do? I feel so bad!

    3. Just once in your life,please put ur feet on my shoes,u could 
      feel how hurt to be nice n wise, but still,she judges me wrong!

    4. I'm not an electronic tool that u can test whether it's good or broken!! I'm a human,have a heart to feel,n mind to think!

Sabtu, Maret 20, 2010

Look Up & Down

Have you ever know a typical someone in your life who always showing off anything though it's only a small thing that anybody could afford it? i bet you have..
I found this typical person, actually it called re-found, cause she is actually the person of my past, and just showing up again in my life lately. I remember when i realized this person has a show-off personality, was when she sucked a cup a cups lollipop as if anybody can't afford to buy the lollipop! yaks it was when i'm in junior hi school. and now the thing become so big because since twitter has become a very-hits micro blog, she could channel the things that she wanna show up to the world. ohh geeezz..u can see her timeline full off the things that people will sick to read..she always say about name of brand of the stuff she owned, tell everybody the restaurants where she was dinner (never forget to take pict of the foods), explain clearly that she is drive a car, and other things became so over the top cause she says it in almost every minute! she is exaggerating way too much..

oh gosh..if i continue this, it seems like i'm gossiping about her (try to be a saint ;p..FAIL)..yes okey, i did gossiping her with my other friends but then i think positively from her case..and finally i can figure it out into a good lesson for me and maybe for others..hihihi..

in a moment of your life, you will face various situations, bad or good , lucky or unlucky, happy or sad..your life is in a rotating wheel, sometimes u will hit gravels or even big stones..but the wheel must through the path, so you have to make sure that the wheel keep rotating..so we can say that all the conditions is what  we'll face in this life. being survive to keep alive is not a choice, it's a must. but when we feel the conditions is not fit with your expectation, just remember that God will give everything that you need not everything that you want. i impressed by a sentence of my friend on her FB status, she said that :

"God gives u answers in 3 ways: YES & God gives u what u want. NO & God gives u something better, or WAIT & God gives u the best."
and i think if every human have this sentence in their heart, there is no more negative prejudice to God..
i've said to my self, to not being ridiculous by having a pompous desire to be the person who makes me jealous because she/he has anything that i can't afford. just take my portion as a God creature with all the accessories, and not being mourn of it. so i will never show off to the world of everything that i have, cause i realized, when i look down, there're many people who still keep survive even if their life is far more unlucky than me, and i don't wanna be an arrogant or show off to the world, because when i look up, there are so many great people in this world, so i keep my feet back on the ground..i still have to learn many things..:))