Kamis, Juli 28, 2011


yes, for sure, you are the one i wanna grow old with...

grow old with you - Adam Sandler

Selasa, Juli 26, 2011


I have fallen in love with the man who has a beautiful smile.
and yes, your smile is my antidote.
i want to keep it forever.
it's your smile which i want to see when i wake up and before i go to sleep.
and when i feel the world against me,
i want to keep your smile near in my heart,
to against back the world. to collect my strength.
i try to look for others' smile, but theirs are not the same as yours.
thank you for letting me keep your smile here in my heart. 

Jumat, Juli 22, 2011

WESTLIFE Gravity Tour 2011 Jakarta

wowww WESTLIFE is back GIRLS!
Shane, Mark, Kian and NICKY (minus Bryan as he left the group on 2004) will be in Jakarta at 5th of October this Year!
i really want to watch their performance since WESTLIFE is my favorite band since i was in Junior High School!
i've been watching their Gravity Tour 2011 video on you tube, and a lil bit amazed to see their performance, so many thing has been changed! especially they physical appearance, they are far more mature (of course) but unfortunately their tummy become so big and bigger, especially MARK! wowowowowooo...but their performance is better than the three last concert in Indonesia, since they don't use 'minus one' anymore but will be equipped with new touring band and musical director! i'm so curios with their choreograph on stage!
so let's see if i can afford to watch their live performance or not ! we'll see later..

this is the official video from MaryGops Studio who bring WESTLIFE to Jakarta (MaryGops Studio also handle Justin Bieber in Jakarta couples months ago).

Kamis, Juli 21, 2011

Be Creative

it’s quite boring lately to face my daily routines, sit on my desk in office, staring 8 hours, even more, to the PC and I realized I’ve lost my quality time. I should have smarter than anyone else even from my friends, who work ‘outside the office’, cause I’ve got many access to ‘the universe’, my boss provide me with internet access (no limit and no blocking), cable tv, telephone and newspapers, and it is ridiculous if I don’t make a use of that facilities. And yes, I’m a lil bit late to realize that. Why I don’t make something useful for me, than only do a trashy browsing, blog walking or stalking people all day long hohoho.. and I found the idea to watch some D.I.Y tutorial so that I can make useful my time in the future. Jump to the old time, I was a creative smart ass kid! Hehehe I remember I made my barbie’s dress by myself, I went to a tailor in my neighborhood and asked her for some patchwork fabrics that I used to make my barbie’s dress and I sewed it manually.  I also made some modification of my old school stuffs, sewed, glued, and created a new thing from some old stuffs used to be my favorite activity, but not at the present, my creativity is hampered and now I want to rise it up again!  :) 
I found some interesting video to make some D.I.Y things : 



Selasa, Juli 19, 2011


He's finally back from his meditation on my neighbor's attic. GOD thank you.
but you can see how crap he is. very filthy. but i'm happy he's back. :)

Senin, Juli 18, 2011

come back please .. :(

i was frickin sad to know my lovely cat slip out from my house last night.. and when i saw my last post in this blog, i can't hold my tears anymore.. i can't believe that Chilo is not here anymore.. i don't have any idea where he is now, but i really hope that Chilo will find the way to my house.. God save Chilo anywhere he is.. i really love Chilo and don't wanna loose him :( Chilo is my treasure.. it's not like you lost a thing and you can replace with other things similar to the one u've lost.. i don't want others but him.. please come home Chilo :(

*I read this article, and it make me cry a river! i am so terrified..  i keep thinking of some negative possibilities Chilo has been through.. especially if it is because human intervention.. i only can trust my God, only God will be the best Guardian for Chilo..

chilo.. please be safe out there :(

Rabu, Juli 06, 2011

i miss sleep peacefully

I really envy how Chilo can be so peaceful while he's sleeping.
i've lost my concord lately.
i feel homeless.
It's literally that my house is being renovated for the second time, 
and i can't use my own room.
everynight I sleep here, there, everywhere with no peacefulness.
beside, the quarter life syndrome is still haunted me.
i really want a new job. 
a job that goes along with my passion.
that can make a single wide smile every time i wake up in the morning.
it's not a job of my parents' dream
it's not a job of people prestigious
it's not a job where you just dig a gold without get any peacefulness.
i envy lot of my friends who have chance to follow their passion.
i don't know it's too late for me or not.
but i don't want to stuck on this life i'm going through now. 
i want a new job.