Kamis, Januari 19, 2012

Puche & Panji's wedding

what to say? i just love all the details on their wedding reception! the bride's dress is amazing! Javanese style, tradisional yet beautiful, Puche was like a real princess at that day! and the glowing face of the groom, Panji, completed the sacral ceremony. I also like the decoration and the ambiance. The food was delicious. Unfortunately i didn't eat much since many friends were gathered and i prefer to have a conversation with them, it makes me happy. you know the adage from Kang Ji Hwan's movie The relationship of face, mind and love? "if your heart is full so is your stomach" hehehe. I met many old friends there.
btw, the 'project' i've said in the post before is consider success, Alhamdulillah, i could finish the make up things and jilbab do on time, though so many shortcoming here and there.. it's OK since it is our first time.. :))
i love Cunies uniform! i thought that we are the best decoration in Puche's reception hahahhaha..
take a look at the photos taken by my friends (bubuw, mamet, and upa)..

the groom and the bride

the adorable dress
the girls

Senin, Januari 02, 2012

Happy New Year 2012

today is the second day of new year.. the memories of  New Year celebration are still fresh in my mind.. i don't have special event to conduct on last new year eve, only a pasta dinner and snacks with my big family.. not like last year, we always had Barbequing time .. we just had spaghetti dinner and snacks. The most awaiting moment was 15 minutes before 00.00 of January 1st 2012.. suddenly the sky was bright and 'Boom.. Boomm" sound heard everywhere..yes FIREWORKS everywhere.. me n my cousins run into my second floor house to see the fireworks clearly.. the beautiful sky sparkling moment  lasted almost 20 minutes.. and we were 'woowing' everytime the fireworks popping.. it's a very great moment.. we don't pay anything for the fireworks but enjoying they who have a kind-hearted igniting the fireworks because they have given us free entertaiment.. wohooo..
The next day, me and my Family go to Bandar Jakarta BSD (The Flavor Bliss Alam Sutera) to have lunch and family gathering.. after that, we went to Living World Mall, it's a big mall outside Jakarta! they have the biggest ACE hardware and Informa in town! my parents, my brother and my aunty bought some house ware.. i want to buy.. all, so that i didn't buy anything tough hahahhaha.. after that we have another 'dessert time' at Island Creamery at The Flavor Bliss.. they have yummy dessert, ice cream and burger! anyway.. the flavor bliss is very good place, all 'HITZ' restaurants (such as Sushi Tei, Nanny's pancake, Island creamery, etc) are available there with more stunning interior design, you can take beautiful photo there because there are so many attractive spot .. and of course yummy foods! I love my family and love to gather with them.. :)

Apple Pie + Vanila Ice Cream @ Island Creamery.. super Yummy!

this Ice CREAM is like a dummy ,, not real.. but surprisingly taste GOOD!

yeah.. my boyfie also joined the family gathering hehehe


whole family members