Senin, Agustus 20, 2012


Dear Family, Friends, and all people i've met.. Sorry for all mistakes i've made, God bless us for everything we'll do in year ahead.. :) Happy Lebaran..

Sabtu, Juni 09, 2012


I participated Hanbok Experience at Korea Cultural Centre Indonesia ( SCBD Equity Tower , 17th floor) on 11st May 2012 with my fellow Jihwanesia from Kang Ji Hwan Indonesia Fanbase. It was a fun! i've got some new friends and we talked everything like we've known each other for a long time. I'm enjoying my life so much , there is no one whom i am scared to face anymore.. i mean , my boss .. :) anyway i am back to TVRI now and i did my small business well , @caraleashop .. i love do my things and love my everyday activity.. i have been doing part time tutoring and it is so fun, i love my students :) 

Jumat, Maret 23, 2012

Java Jazz Festival 2012

WOWWW my life has been so amazing lately.. so many things happened.. it's a turning point.. i've resigned from office on 19th February 2012.. and everything turn out to be different! it could more than one post if i have to tell you all what was happened.. but i will tell you briefly that i feel so free now and i can do what i want to do without any burden.. okey i'm not denying that financial thing is the only thing that puzzled me now.. but i believe i could cope with this thing,,,

anyway.. a friend of mine gave me two days freepass on last java jazz festival.. it's amazing.. since i love jazz very much! and i could watch my favorite jazz musician live so amazed by them!! will watch next year Java Jazz festival, Insya Allah :) let the photos tell you :)

Depapepe (duo guitar instrument from Japan).. i love them! :)

Erykah Badu , the star of the day

Rika Roeslan & Glen Fredly

Laura Figy

The beautiful Raisa

Stevie Wonder.. the greatest of all!

Kamis, Februari 02, 2012

February Blossom

It’s February.. the most lovely month off all.. hihihi it’s not because people celebrate Valentine’s day, but this month is my bday  month.
I’m kind of freakin out.. I’m turning 24 soon.. remember when I was a child.. what I was thinking about a women of 24 is a mature, they are ready to marry and have a baby.
It’s so ridiculous that now I’m on that stage.. and I don’t think I am mature in this age. I can earn sum of bucks to cover all my needs now, but mentally I feel so immature.. I couldn’t be far away from my mom, I’m still depend on her for everything. I’m still thinking when I get trouble, my parents will help me anyway, so I don’t have to be afraid of anything. I don’t depend my self to solve my problem. Is it happen to everyone or is it just me? before the day I’m turning 24 coming, I want to list some facts about me.. all are random nudge my senses.. :)

1.       I’m running a great Korean actor fanbase for Indonesia @KangJiHwanIndo , I’m having so much fun to do this, I love Kang Ji Hwan not because he is good looking (but undeniable, handsome is one point), but because his great work on acting.. he is not the one who worrying much about being perfect in front of public, but he did worry about being ugly in acting! I’ll make a review of this actor in another post. It’s too short to make it just one point hehehe.
2.       I love make up so much that I’m thinking to make this new fondness to be my future carrier. I love to transform people to be different from they are in common. I do myself experiment when I go to work.. People will think that  I am too much, ..who cares if you disagree, you are not me.. who made you KING OF ANYTHING?? (Lah jadi nyanyiiii..) :p
3.       I have a new hobby : watching Kdrama until late at night.. or before I go to sleep I have to watch Kdrama or Kmovie at least one episode!
4.       I love Kpop too.. 70% of my ipod song list is korean song. I love 2NE1, IU, and listening a lot to Kdrama original soundtrack.. I could listen ost. My fair lady ( I Love You) like thousand times or jingle Lotte Duty Free..i like the jingle so much that I could listen the song hundred times!
5.       I can’t sleep before 12 AM.
6.       I have an obsession to Bebek Slamet (brand of spicy fried duck that has super DEAD HOT chili). I have regular time to eat that. Now it become exaggerating, i eat two portion of this  spicy fried duck in time! Hehehe one is not enough!
7.       I love my bed room so much, especially my bed side table where I put all my make up utensils.
8.       I have to kiss chilo before I leave home.
9.       I had weird dreams lately.. most of them is about the thing in the future that I’m worrying so much.. I wish I could meet Kang Ji Hwan in my dream hufhhh..
10.   I’m on the stage of enjoying my life so much, not worrying so much about what will happen in the future or the past that hurts me a lot. I have lots of obsession but it keeps me chills to face the reality.. I know Who direct my life so well, so I trust Him to do the best on my life script.
11.   I want anything that I want on my birthday hahahaha my last year birthday is a dream come true.. I don’t ask anything more than that.. I’m grateful more than I expected.

Eleven… means.. this month of eleven is… hahahahahhahahaha… see ya..

Kamis, Januari 19, 2012

Puche & Panji's wedding

what to say? i just love all the details on their wedding reception! the bride's dress is amazing! Javanese style, tradisional yet beautiful, Puche was like a real princess at that day! and the glowing face of the groom, Panji, completed the sacral ceremony. I also like the decoration and the ambiance. The food was delicious. Unfortunately i didn't eat much since many friends were gathered and i prefer to have a conversation with them, it makes me happy. you know the adage from Kang Ji Hwan's movie The relationship of face, mind and love? "if your heart is full so is your stomach" hehehe. I met many old friends there.
btw, the 'project' i've said in the post before is consider success, Alhamdulillah, i could finish the make up things and jilbab do on time, though so many shortcoming here and there.. it's OK since it is our first time.. :))
i love Cunies uniform! i thought that we are the best decoration in Puche's reception hahahhaha..
take a look at the photos taken by my friends (bubuw, mamet, and upa)..

the groom and the bride

the adorable dress
the girls

Senin, Januari 02, 2012

Happy New Year 2012

today is the second day of new year.. the memories of  New Year celebration are still fresh in my mind.. i don't have special event to conduct on last new year eve, only a pasta dinner and snacks with my big family.. not like last year, we always had Barbequing time .. we just had spaghetti dinner and snacks. The most awaiting moment was 15 minutes before 00.00 of January 1st 2012.. suddenly the sky was bright and 'Boom.. Boomm" sound heard everywhere..yes FIREWORKS everywhere.. me n my cousins run into my second floor house to see the fireworks clearly.. the beautiful sky sparkling moment  lasted almost 20 minutes.. and we were 'woowing' everytime the fireworks popping.. it's a very great moment.. we don't pay anything for the fireworks but enjoying they who have a kind-hearted igniting the fireworks because they have given us free entertaiment.. wohooo..
The next day, me and my Family go to Bandar Jakarta BSD (The Flavor Bliss Alam Sutera) to have lunch and family gathering.. after that, we went to Living World Mall, it's a big mall outside Jakarta! they have the biggest ACE hardware and Informa in town! my parents, my brother and my aunty bought some house ware.. i want to buy.. all, so that i didn't buy anything tough hahahhaha.. after that we have another 'dessert time' at Island Creamery at The Flavor Bliss.. they have yummy dessert, ice cream and burger! anyway.. the flavor bliss is very good place, all 'HITZ' restaurants (such as Sushi Tei, Nanny's pancake, Island creamery, etc) are available there with more stunning interior design, you can take beautiful photo there because there are so many attractive spot .. and of course yummy foods! I love my family and love to gather with them.. :)

Apple Pie + Vanila Ice Cream @ Island Creamery.. super Yummy!

this Ice CREAM is like a dummy ,, not real.. but surprisingly taste GOOD!

yeah.. my boyfie also joined the family gathering hehehe


whole family members

Selasa, Desember 27, 2011

2011 kaleidoscope

A year, always full of memories, good or bad, fortunate or unfortunate, get or loose, stay or gone.. but each year has  its own story. 2011 is an amazing year for me. this is the year which I could say… my fortunate year..Beyond my expectation.. My year of grant..but of course some sad stories contained.
I will make a kaleidoscope of this year within per month..


This Is beginning of the year.. when I was fighting to get a place in BPK ( The Supreme Audit Agency). I’ve passed the fourth round. I’m the biggest three, but they need only two people there. I was waiting for the final result on March.


My unforgettable birthday ever! Celebrating my birthday in BALI.. with my boyfie, my cousin and my friend,, Rock Bar at Ayana Resort to be the exact venue for my birthday. I felt so happy that day, and felt blessed.. it was the best holiday in my life.


BIG FAILURE. I’m the one who wiped out on the big three of BPK employee selection. It likes standing at the edge of the cliff and you finally fall down. But at the end I could handle it, I believe that Allah SWT has a better plan for me in the future. Oh yaaa.. in this month, uni Gina and Ferdy got married. Uni Gina is Ghani’s sister, my future sister-in-law , Insya Allah :).


Nothing special happened in this month, but I remember I changed my hijab style a lot,was trying this and that..and finally got the comfortable one.. yeah.. it’s a process to be a better of myself hehe.


I experienced Quarter- life syndrome.. hehehe.. that time was the worst, I really want to speed up my stage of life, I wasn’t comfortable with my life at that time. Actually because I’ve got so many wedding invitations, I felt that I’m left behind. Hahaha but thank God it just temporary. I’m going back to the track, and think more positively.
This is the great month for my Big family, we went to BALI, denpasar to attend my cousin’s Wedding. Yes, Ka Devi and wahyu were finally married couple. It’s been a long time my Big Family didn’t have an outside town trip. I love that moment so much! Alhamdulillah we’ve made it. I wish that we could have some trip again, next year. Amin.


I met a friend from cyber world.. she’s lovely Nanda, we planned to have a brand clothing and share our dreams to be an entrepreneur. Untill now, it hasn’t been real, but I wish someday I could make it. It’s only a matter of time and … hmmmm.. money I think.. hahha
In this month my two best friend were moving to outside Jakarta. Mba dita and Ummah. Mba Dita has come back to Jakarta.. Ummah still lives in Gorontalo. But we are still in frequent contact.


My Boyfie birthday L unfortunately I couldn’t make it special just like he did on my birthday, but he said it wasn’t a matter at all as long as I was there by his side.hahaha isn’t he lovely? Hehe, we just went to Senayan City to see Transformer exhibition, and have a delicious ‘late lunch’ on Pancious.


Hehehehe I was participated in Muslimah Beauty 2011. That’s all I can say. :)


Ied Fitri. Always became a special moment for my family. But there is some sad story from my family. Despite all, I keep grateful for everything that happened in mya life. Thank Allah SWT.


Another surprise from Allah SWT. I couldn’t imagine before this happened. I went to Singapore! That is the first time i was going abroad. Great experienced and I am super duper happy.
And still  in this month, my another dream came true! I could watch a concert  from my favorite boyband since I was junior hi school. WESTLIFE! I’m super glad!
Seems the goddess of October has fallen in love with me, He gives a great gift on this month hehehe.


KOREA.The month I was starting again to crazy a lot about Korea, it is The drama, the foods, the actors, the music the culture and the country that make me fall in love much much much about Korea. I can forget all the burden and being more happy after watching Korean drama or film. It just like a drug to me! I wish I could be there someday to feel everything that now, I just can see on the screen.. Amin ya Allah.


I’m getting crazy about make up! I’m learning so much the right technique of make up and suddenly many opportunities came to me. I will continue learning about make up and many thing. I still have a debt, I should have able to sew, but until now, it is pending. I wish next year I could learn many things.

To conclude all, 2011 is such a blessing year for me. I could get rid of all the pain and loose because the happiness I’ve got in this year has covered all my unfortunate. Allah SWT has given me MANY that I couldn’t have any reason to deny. I always wishing my future story will have greater plot. Psssttt.. 2012.. maybe I will change my status?? Let’s pray for the best :)