Kamis, Oktober 28, 2010

Thursday in Purple

i found a briliant idea to hang out longer in seven eleven :
1. buy a chicken hot dog
2. buy a big bag of potato chips (Lays or chitato)
2. add the creamy cheese  topping untill covering all the paper plate (do not get caught by the shopkeeper :p) and u can also add chili sauce if you like it.
4. and taraaaang now.. u have double menu! chicken hot dog with cheese and chili and also potato chip and cheese! 
then your eyes will never running to other snacks and foods.. save your money and full your stomach :).

i have a very tight schedule for next month to enroll my application to be a candidate of government employee. i wonder, why so many people are craving for this position tough they know that the salary of government employee is small, hmm except you do the corruption ;p. 
it should be a reflection for government to amend their laws about the security of job in Indonesia. If the government has made a fair law about people and working, maybe  they will not be worrying about the possibility of being combed out.

and this is me today, with my new brand fav coffee..Nescafe Mochaccino..the package is matching  my outfit :)

Rabu, Oktober 27, 2010

postage stamp

i love today's 'Quote of the day'...

"Be like a postage stamp. Stick to one thing until you get there."

Josh Billings 

Pray For Indonesia

My deepest condolences to all people in my lovely country Indonesia who is affected by the earthquake and tsunami in Mentawai  (West Sumatra),volcano eruption (Yogjakarta) and flash flood & landslide in Wasior (Papua). A few days ago, our capital city Jakarta was also experienced the worst traffic ever due to flooding in almost all area.  I wish the government will act quickly to help and facilitate the victims of those disasters. My thoughts and prayers are always for them. Be strong for the members of family who still get a chance to save from the disaster, and don’t ever hesitate that Allah SWT is standing with us, keep praying and preparing yourself for anything might be happened in the future.

Innalilahi wainaalilahi rajiun..
Indeed we belong to Allah SWT, and to Him we shall return..

picture was taken from here

Selasa, Oktober 26, 2010


i love the color combination of green and pink..
i think PINK and GREEN are the sweetest color of all..
i like them to be applied on stuffs..
PINK means love
GREEN means Go forwardddd ... (if you notice the traffic light :p)..

the monster doll boob beep in pink and green

 japan umbrella

 Nike shoes 

Timex watch in PINK&GREEN 


i want a bed room totally like this!!

smiley cookies :)

somebody give me this cute bicycle??

chilo with pink & green scarf

Senin, Oktober 25, 2010


last sunday, i went to Indah's house (my university classmate). we made a visit of condolence since her lil brother has passed away. He was just sixteen years old, and even he haven't celebrate his sweet seventeen. i feel so sorry for Indah and her family. Indah and me had a beautiful and tough memory when we were finishing our mini thesis to get three and a half year graduation. so, when i heard her brother has passed away, i feel so sad. I know how it feels to be a sister and have a lil brother though i'm not too close to my brother, but deep inside i love him because he is my only one brother in the world, both of us were delivered from the same womb. 


when visiting indah's house, i met my girls at university, Icha, Diah, Eko, Farah & Tria..it's been a long time not to see them (except Tria and Farah , because we meet regularly ).. we planned to a have regular meeting or "arisan" monthly that will be starting on November. yes i will love it, because it is always nice to have a tight bond with your best buddies.. :)

Farah, Tria, Diah, Me, and Icha

Selasa, Oktober 19, 2010

Mrs. Devgan

I genuinely love Kajol Devgan! She is so stunning for me! I begin to like her when I watched her movie “My name is Khan”, I’m falling in love with her for the reason that she represent the beautiful of Asian women. Brown skin, black hair, meaty, big & beautiful eyes, sweet, elegance, humble, and have a gorgeous smile are very asian women stereotype, and Kajol has all that criteria. 

Moreover, when the women in my age endeavor to transform their skin into white to imitate the Caucasoid (white skin race), or in my country they call it ‘ kebule-bulean’ , I’m proud to be born with brown skin. Despite the history records that tells the social class of dark or brown skin race is under the white skin race, I’m very proud of my skin, because the important point is that God never judge human from their skin. 

Another fact, brown, black or any other colored skin has more pigment than white skin; it means that they have a less risk for skin cancer. But the point is any color of skin that God gives you, be thankful of that, because the most important thing is not what colour of your skin, what shape of your face or where you from, but  how you maintain all the gifts that God given you to make it useful for others. Ugly, beautiful, tall, petite, black or white it doesn’t matter as long as you can spread happiness and kindness to others. that's the true happiness.

she's cute in pink

beauty is not always WHITE

smiling from the heart

Her very great acting with Shahruk Khan in movie ' My Name is Khan'

Is the woman on the right side look similar to Mrs. Devgan ?, except the big nose :p

Senin, Oktober 18, 2010

anger management

Suddenly I thought  some moments when I really pissed off with somebody else.. in my opinion, I  consider my angry management is so-so, not too good or not too bad.. but there is a time when I totally burned, and my mind is control by my destructive delusions! Mostly, it happens when there are things which not suitable with what I want or if someone take my stuffs without my permission.. * double horns can suddenly appear on my head*..
But I’m tolerable enough to people, as long as I live, I always easy to forgive people though it is not easy to forget their mistakes :P. I’m a kind of people who will hide my uncomfortable feeling and let anybody around me comfortable with me. But if there are the things that really not endurable, I prefer talking the problem and get the solution as soon as possible, because I can’t live with sustained problems linger on me. 

I love a quote from Dr. Laurance J. Peter ( An American "hierarchiologist",  Educator  and   Writer) :

Because I often do this. Beside I become a wise speaker , you will never treat people rudely when you angry J.

let's peace  &  grin
the world will be loveable to live in :) 

Selasa, Oktober 12, 2010


when everybody try to plan their very best moment for their life in this unique date, me & my big family have to let her go forever.. my dearest grandma , Hj. R. Suharti binti R. Suharso.. she had left us forever to the better place where there are many angles who will take care of her..

one hand i feel so sad, because i will never meet her again, but in the other hand i feel so relieved, because she will never feel the terrible pain she had, when she still alive..

i pray to God to take care of her and also kakek, eyang mimi, n eyang aki who had left us first, and give them the best place in heaven.. those people are great for me, they contribute a lot in my life n however, they had taught me so many things and also shower me with many love..

i love you mbah uti..
eyang mimi..
eyang aki..

i'm gonna miss u here, but i believe someday we'll meet again.. in the better place that Allah has  provide us. Insya Allah, amin ya Rabb..