Kamis, Agustus 25, 2011

misleading intention

I feel like someone slapped on my face hardly after I read this post. Thank you anyway for Maria Elena for her great post. Last night I read someone tweeted in my timeline, he said that it’s not impossible to a woman who is having her period to get Lailatul Qadr. And now in my having period I feel that a hidayah has come to me. It’s in coincidental or this is just the Allah SWT shows me the way, but anything it could be, I thank a lot for this enlightenment. 

It begins yesterday when I saw an announcement for 50 semifinalist of Muslimah Beauty 2011. Honestly, three days before the announcement day, my little heart says that it is not me, it is a fake if I had to follow the rules. Common, be a role model for muslimah? I’m too cocky if I thought I could be. Who am i? I’m still full of mistakes, I’m too far from being even near perfect!. And I look back to some my answers that were asked by some of my friends and other participants of Muslimah Beauty 2011, it isn’t me, it is the one I wanna be someday, but not yet. To be (near) perfect needs lots’ process, it is not a ‘voila’ process. I’m learning a lot. I asked to myself, what’s the point to be like I’m now, trying to look beautiful, insist to have stuffs exactly the same that features on the magazine or blog, making my look attractive day by day, and what for it’s all about? A glance of men’s eyes staring at me? Abundance compliments? Or don’t I ever think, is Allah satisfied with what I have done?.

I’m not offending anyone else, but the questions are dedicated for myself.

To be beautiful for a woman is not a bad deed. But Islam has its command and I believe it is a  goodness for us. 

I really like and adore some community that has made Head Cover/jilbab more attractive, subhanallah I believe that they has changed many Muslim women into a decision to cover their hair with scarf. They’ve created many styles to make Muslim women more attractive with their jilbab. 

But when things come into consumerism, like every day they want to shop a very glamorous dress, expensive scarf or pricey shoes only for the sake of ‘Follow the fashion GODDESS’ , it become misleading.
The intention is straying. Covering your hair is not because Allah SWT anymore. The modesty is lost.
At the end, I realized, that I’m running on the wrong path, I’m tired but the result is null.
I’ve once answer a question from one of my friend like this : Islam is simple. Allah SWT never let us trapped in difficulties. Everything has its answer, has its own way out. The only thing that makes things seem so complicated is us. 

Subhanallah, I have that concept in my mind, but sometimes I forget and not apply that in my life. I hope from now on, I can back to the right path where Allah SWT ridho with me.

Selasa, Agustus 16, 2011

Muslimah Beauty 2011

Assalamualaikum Wr.Wb.

Sisters and brothers please support me to be on the next stage in Muslimah Beauty 2011 . This event is presented by Detik Forum and Indonesia Islamic Fashion Consortium and  many sponsors which support it  such as  AXIS, WARDAH, SHAFIRA, NOOR magazine, APPMI, and three government ministry.
I really hope this event could channel my passion. At first i had no gut to join this event, i don't have such a big confident, but people around me support me to join and finally i decided to join. I believe anything the result there will be so many things learned. But for now, let's do the ikhtiar and i need YOUR SUPPORT!

How to support me :

1. Please Log in to Detik Forum , at the left side on the top, klik DAFTAR SEKARANG . You must have an account of Detik Forum to put comments on my thread. follow the instruction until you have a confirmation email from Detik Forum and you can sign in with your verified user ID and password.
2. After you log in, click my official thread FRIDHA KUSUMAWARDANI ,
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3. and finish. Thank you for your comment :)

if you don't want to leave a comment on my thread , please just be kind to pray for my best. Syukran Kasiran :)

Rabu, Agustus 03, 2011

I wanna be an animal keeper at the zoo!

a bulldog cuddling with a tiger.. who says, diversity can not blend? 

orangutan go international!

couple weeks ago i went to Taman Safari Indonesia in Cisarua Bogor,, it's been very long time i haven't went there! maybe 10 or more years ago,, and i always remember that Taman Safari Indonesia was the only place in my country where i was able to interact with  animal baby, and they were crazy cute! i'm so excited when my uncle asked me and other family members to go to Safari Night at Taman Safari Indonesia. That was my first experience since i always go there on the afternoon. When my family arrived there, we go straight to a carnaval bus, it's kinda open mini bus, so we can feel the real atmosphere there. it was quite cold at that time. My family took the first row at the bus, behind the driver and co driver who explained all the details about animal we've seen there. Oh Masha Allah, i was amazed by these God's creature, they are all super cute (except the Batik Python, ohh i don't really like snake or any other reptile). That is the first time i saw rhinoceros, Ilama, and jaguar!. after that, we go to baby zoo area where we can take a picture with some baby animal like lion, tiger, and orangutan. I'm very proud of my country as many animals origins come from Indonesia such as orangutan, Sumatran tiger, rhinoceros etc. done with the baby animal, we went to an animal show played by orang utan, some dogs, and snake (the snake was put on a spectator's seat, OMG maybe if the snake is right on the desk i was seated i would be fainted!). and the last show we watched there is Fire dance! it's a spectacular show, and they (the dancer) are all amazing and magical!. That was a very fun saturday night with my family and i'm thinking to be an animal keeper someday.. or take care of many kinds of animal in my home.. (build my own zoo), i wish... hahaha..

the baby sumatran tiger was sleeping and he wasn't awaken at all when many visitor took a picture with him. ohh so cute!