Jumat, Juni 04, 2010

home sweet home

i miss to live in my parents house (the house now is being renovated)..does it means my house also? whatever.. one thing for sure, i find a freedom there..you know old proverb that says Home Sweet Home? it really is true.. when you stay in a fancy mansion or physically the house is more beautiful than your house, you still don't feel it is a home..then finally you really missing to back to your own house though the house is only a hut...

i miss my room..

i miss to stay a long day in my house..

i miss to invite everybody i like to my house..

most of the top...

i miss to take  care of my cats that i have been neglecting for this 6 months..i miss them so..

God give us your hands to make the day come true..the day when i come back to my house..i beg you GOD..

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