Senin, Oktober 25, 2010


last sunday, i went to Indah's house (my university classmate). we made a visit of condolence since her lil brother has passed away. He was just sixteen years old, and even he haven't celebrate his sweet seventeen. i feel so sorry for Indah and her family. Indah and me had a beautiful and tough memory when we were finishing our mini thesis to get three and a half year graduation. so, when i heard her brother has passed away, i feel so sad. I know how it feels to be a sister and have a lil brother though i'm not too close to my brother, but deep inside i love him because he is my only one brother in the world, both of us were delivered from the same womb. 


when visiting indah's house, i met my girls at university, Icha, Diah, Eko, Farah &'s been a long time not to see them (except Tria and Farah , because we meet regularly ).. we planned to a have regular meeting or "arisan" monthly that will be starting on November. yes i will love it, because it is always nice to have a tight bond with your best buddies.. :)

Farah, Tria, Diah, Me, and Icha

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