Rabu, Oktober 27, 2010

Pray For Indonesia

My deepest condolences to all people in my lovely country Indonesia who is affected by the earthquake and tsunami in Mentawai  (West Sumatra),volcano eruption (Yogjakarta) and flash flood & landslide in Wasior (Papua). A few days ago, our capital city Jakarta was also experienced the worst traffic ever due to flooding in almost all area.  I wish the government will act quickly to help and facilitate the victims of those disasters. My thoughts and prayers are always for them. Be strong for the members of family who still get a chance to save from the disaster, and don’t ever hesitate that Allah SWT is standing with us, keep praying and preparing yourself for anything might be happened in the future.

Innalilahi wainaalilahi rajiun..
Indeed we belong to Allah SWT, and to Him we shall return..

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