Jumat, Januari 07, 2011

3 must things for this year!

1. BODY EXERCISE... hell yahhhhhhh.. i wanna get back my old weight.. under 50 kilos please.. it is like a disorder imagination or a true fact that i see a white (wide) board everytime i see the mirror.. wooh wuohhh horror! i have a plan with my bf to have a routine jogging every sunday morning and swimming on the afternoon. i hope it will work until the end of the year :)

2. READING  AND LEARNING AL QURAN more ! i have to ... oh it is a must to add my knowledge about Al - Quran! i want to attend more 'pengajian' (Al - Quran reciting study group) and learn about Islam. since i knew nowadays, there are so many people who has lost from the right path of Allah SWT.. ihh i'm so scared thinking about the azab!

3. TAKING SEWING OR COOKING COURSE! i don't wanna postpone this anymore.. :)

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