Jumat, Januari 21, 2011

i CAN smile :)

my life is going smoothly so far. I've already passed the psycho test from BPK and now i'm waiting for the result that will be updated on the end of February . I pray for everything that is the best in the eyes of Allah SWT. Of course my greatest wish is to be accepted but i don't get it as a stressful, because i know Allah SWT plan is always the best for me.

anyway, the effect of my braces is appearing day by day.. you know? one of the reason why i'm using braces is that to make A SMILE on my face. Before i'm using braces, i can't smile without showing my teeth ( yes, i had a very crowded and big teeth), and  because the magical technique of braces, i can make a smile on my face without showing my teeth.. i think my smile is so sincere and more humble now hihihi ihiiiiyyy Alhamdulilah...

sweet smile hu uhh? :)

shocking face of CHILO and my humble smile

lack of mineral water as always.. huhhh

agak agak monyong sih teteppp ("-_-)

flowers everywhere...How money flowers on the pict?  let's get the answer,, :)

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