Kamis, Februari 17, 2011

Hidden Beach (Bali Part III)

My cousin, Ka devi once told me that she found a 'new' beach not far from her working place at Rock Bar, Ayana Resort and when i saw her screen saver at her laptop that display her photo at that beach  i was like telling her that we must go there soon.. and after having lunch at Mak Joo (Uluwatu) restaurant, we went to that hidden beach!
hmm i feel i have to write this. Mak Joo is one of recomended restaurant if you go to Bali especially after you visit the GWK since it is located not too far from The GWK. The food's taste is good and the most amazing is the price! very affordable! we (consist of 5 people)  only cost IDR 126,000 and it is including appetizer and desert! awesome :)

Fried Noddle, Calamari and spring rolls

mix fruit with more than 12 topping + ice cream vanilla only cost 12K

the hidden beach

the cave
no one thereeeee.. only us :)


with my lovely cousin, Ka Devi

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