Kamis, Juni 16, 2011

no farewell. just for a while.

last week was a shocking moment for me. Two of my best friends sent me a text that they will move to other city.. no.. other city ain't too dramatic.. oke they will move to other land! so if we will meet each other it is impossible to take a travel or a train (yeah that's the cheapest transportation  to link other town!). my first best friend who will take her ass off from this city is Mba Dita.. yeah she is my best friend since i was at TVRI, she is my mentor, my teacher, my sister, my very best accompaniment! she will move to Samarinda to accompany her husband who works there, and her wonder boy 'Fauzan' will also go with her. the second one is, Syarifatul Ummah, she will go to Gorontalo, similar to Mba Dita,  she also follow her husband with her cute daughter Syaima. It's hard for me to be left by them, but i know it's harder for them to leave us here :p.. i just want to pray for their best, there is no beautiful happiness more than to know that my best friends have a happy life with their family. ohhh i can't hold my tears anymore.. OK stop here.. i like this proverb, best friends are like stars they don't always appear in every night but they are always there in the sky.. i love all my best friends.. they are more than a diamond for me.. :)

i love u besty

3 komentar:

  1. sahabat memang berarti besar bagi kita.. selain keluarga tentu saja :D dan aku juga pindah ke pulau lain krn mengikuti suami tercintah.. hehe

  2. nah ini aku malah kebalikannya, aku yg pindah kota dan pisah sama sahabat-sahabatku. sedihnya jauh lebih parah daripada yang ditinggal. loh maaf jadi curcol di sini.

  3. @ aishi : yes, family always comes first ya, but best friends never fade even they never show up around you :).
    @ raras : iyahhhh i feel you.. pernah ngerasain bgitu walaupun cuma beberapa minggu, apalagi yg pindah n stay for a long time yah.. yg jelas sahabat selalu jadi sahabat mau ada dibelahan dunia manapun, mereka slalu punya tempat dihati kita ya :)