Jumat, Juli 22, 2011

WESTLIFE Gravity Tour 2011 Jakarta

wowww WESTLIFE is back GIRLS!
Shane, Mark, Kian and NICKY (minus Bryan as he left the group on 2004) will be in Jakarta at 5th of October this Year!
i really want to watch their performance since WESTLIFE is my favorite band since i was in Junior High School!
i've been watching their Gravity Tour 2011 video on you tube, and a lil bit amazed to see their performance, so many thing has been changed! especially they physical appearance, they are far more mature (of course) but unfortunately their tummy become so big and bigger, especially MARK! wowowowowooo...but their performance is better than the three last concert in Indonesia, since they don't use 'minus one' anymore but will be equipped with new touring band and musical director! i'm so curios with their choreograph on stage!
so let's see if i can afford to watch their live performance or not ! we'll see later..

this is the official video from MaryGops Studio who bring WESTLIFE to Jakarta (MaryGops Studio also handle Justin Bieber in Jakarta couples months ago).

3 komentar:

  1. WooooW! Pasti keren deh. boyband favorit gw sejak jaman SMP. jadi inget masa-masa remaja.

  2. sampai sekarang pun ras :D.. mau nonton brg ras sama ank2 28 hehehe Insya Allah kebagian tiketnya besok mulai ngantri.. doakan kami! hihi

  3. ditunggu ceritanya ya abis konser. nitip salam aja buat Shane ama Nicky hahahaha favorit selamanya deh.