Selasa, Oktober 18, 2011


October 2011 is my blessing moment in my life. The euphoria of Westlife concert wasn’t off yet, another euphoria has come. I have a chance to traveling abroad. Although I wasn’t crossing the continent but still, that was my first experience. Yeay!

This time was Singapore, yes I know some of my friends have been went there before, since Singapore is expanding its tourism site to visit. But I’m so Happy to finally could go there!
I could learn so many things about the culture that is different with my country. It’s like mini Jakarta but far more orderly. I love their transportation system, the airport, the bus, and of course the MRT! That are all very well organized and in a good maintenance. The people in SG have a good rhythm of their daily activity, work in the morning, going back to home or socialized with friends or lovers. It’s a lovely view! I love to observe people on MRT, most of them don’t really like to chit chat, they busy with their own gadget! Yes almost all Singaporean have iphone or galaxy Samsung. Blackberry is not too famous in SG just like in Indonesia where all people worship Blackberry so much. Another goodness I’ve learned from SG is the people, yes, they have a big conscious to obey all the regulation from the government. They are very dynamic people and all the transportation system very support them to  be mobile. You won’t find a driver that keep moving when the traffic light is red, even the road is vacant.  I saw from their face, they are all really love their job, a shop keeper, a driver, a merchant, even a janitor that I saw, always put a smile on their face. Lesson learned, Singapore is a small country that has a big heart, a strong spirit and discipline.  But still, compare to SG, I love Indonesia more, especially for FOOD!

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