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Westlife Gravity Tour 2011 is a miracle!

5 October 2011 was my fantastic day in my life. Two important things were happened. First, It was 7th anniversary with my boyfie and second is WESTLIFE GRAVITY TOUR in Jakarta. Has been a while, and my dream came true! I am a fan of WESTLIFE since I was 12 yo, and at that time, I couldn’t afford to watch their concert! And can u imagine how happy I am when finally I could buy Westlife ticket concert by my own money? It’s incredible yet exciting moment in my life.

I will write a review about  the concert.

I bought a ticket for tribune 2 , it cost me 600k + 10 % tax and it is the cheapest class for the concert. Festival cost 750k + tax and tribune 1 cost 650k + tax. The venue located in Tennis Indoor Senayan, I never been there before, and people said it is smaller than Istora Senayan. I got there at 5 PM with Puche. The concert would start at 8 PM, the crowd has been started from the time I got there. There wasn’t strict surveillance, the committee were around but didn’t control the spectators. I had a very awful experience while I was in the line of spectators, there was a security who was being messed up with us, he asked me and my friends to move forward because there was a gap in the line, but he asked with very impolite way! My bad impression to the promoter was started!
The gate opened at 7PM, the committee checked our ticket and what inside our bag, but they are so careless, even my friend who brought a video camera could enter the gate.
I’m lil bit disspointed with the venue at tribune 2. The strategic seats have been reserved by the special guest from sponsor. it was very unfair while we spent our money to buy the ticket and the sponsor didn’t, ( yes the company did but not in person). In Fact, so many granny and grandpa were attending the concert (they are from ‘the sponsor family').
The concert was started with XO-IX performance.. yeah the spectators were yelling at them, but I think they were not really bad, I really like their dance performance, more dynamic than SM*SH and the most entertaining part was when they sang Backstreet boys  medley! 

And finally at 20.15 PM Kian, Mark, Nicky and Shane showed up! I can’t find the right words! I’m over excited so that I just could scream their name.. hmmm actually I screamed “NICKKKKKKKKKKYYY”..

The first song that they sang was When You Looking Like That.. since the first song  was an upbeat song , the spectators were getting pushing to the front! And some of them were fainted, the next songs are World Of Our Own, What Makes a Man, Safe, dan Home. After the sang ‘Home’ the drama was started!

Westlife crew stopped the concert since they thought that the concert became dangerous for the spectators. And the most embarrassing thing is the committee could not handle the situation, they just instructed us from the stage without any instruction on the location (festival venue). CHAOS. And so sad westlife crew told that the show will be stopped if they think it’s still dangerous.
30 minutes wasted and the promoter still couldn’t handle the situation until Nicky and Shane shown up and coordinated the spectators from the stage! What ashamed!

the crowd

Finally Shane told us that they will sing one song and if the condition has back to normal and not dangerous anymore they will continue the show. Yes, the concert was continued, BUT at 22.00 PM they ended the concert, after sang ‘uptown girl’ and say goodbye to us. We couldn’t believe , we thought that they will shown up again! And after saw the crew has tidy up the band equipment, we knew that the concert was really over.. so sad.. they didn’t play the medley , and other songs!
HOW COME? It’s a bad track for the promoter. It is International artist and the promoter didn’t do professionally to handle the concert. And so bad that all media reported that the fault is on the audiences who could not be cooperative! Hey you the PROMOTER! do u know that the capacity of Tennis Indoor is just 4500 people and you forced the 'illegal' audiences to come in so there are 6000 people there? how can we breath? MAR***** is sucks! 
their performance was amazing!

my favourite sexy Daddy! Nicky

i thought Mark was on a bad mood at that night, but he tweet a nice thing for Indonesian Fans

Shane.. he's so lovely, his voice is real!
I’m so disappointed with the promoter, I have waited this moment for eleven years and the promoter  has succeed to ruin my dream. But over all.. WESTLIFE performance was WICKED COOL!!
I am proud to be their fans, their love to Indonesian fans so BIG! It is proved by their tweet to Indonesian Fans, we are special for WESTLIFE. Thank you Kian, Mark, Shane and Nicky.. we will love u like there will be no end! It is so relieved when Kian twitting that they will come back to Indonesia and they will never give up on Indonesian fans! So sweet to know the fact that Indonesia fans have a special impression for Westlife. 

I LOVE WESTLIFE. And I’m proud of it.  

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