Kamis, Januari 19, 2012

Puche & Panji's wedding

what to say? i just love all the details on their wedding reception! the bride's dress is amazing! Javanese style, tradisional yet beautiful, Puche was like a real princess at that day! and the glowing face of the groom, Panji, completed the sacral ceremony. I also like the decoration and the ambiance. The food was delicious. Unfortunately i didn't eat much since many friends were gathered and i prefer to have a conversation with them, it makes me happy. you know the adage from Kang Ji Hwan's movie The relationship of face, mind and love? "if your heart is full so is your stomach" hehehe. I met many old friends there.
btw, the 'project' i've said in the post before is consider success, Alhamdulillah, i could finish the make up things and jilbab do on time, though so many shortcoming here and there.. it's OK since it is our first time.. :))
i love Cunies uniform! i thought that we are the best decoration in Puche's reception hahahhaha..
take a look at the photos taken by my friends (bubuw, mamet, and upa)..

the groom and the bride

the adorable dress
the girls

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