Sabtu, Juni 09, 2012


I participated Hanbok Experience at Korea Cultural Centre Indonesia ( SCBD Equity Tower , 17th floor) on 11st May 2012 with my fellow Jihwanesia from Kang Ji Hwan Indonesia Fanbase. It was a fun! i've got some new friends and we talked everything like we've known each other for a long time. I'm enjoying my life so much , there is no one whom i am scared to face anymore.. i mean , my boss .. :) anyway i am back to TVRI now and i did my small business well , @caraleashop .. i love do my things and love my everyday activity.. i have been doing part time tutoring and it is so fun, i love my students :) 

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  1. Annyeong...
    Salam kenal..salah 1 admin dr @kangjihwanindo ♈α᪪☺ ..please admin..followback twitterku @nramadhan..ingin gabung dan lenih dekat ƪαǧî dgn kalian semua.(ʃƪ´▿`) τнäиκ чöü (´▿`ʃƪ)»♥« †ëñgkyυ yäää»♥«