Jumat, Juni 25, 2010


I accept your apology, you're forgiven,
But don't think I'll forget what you did
How could I possibly forget?
Those endless moments you left me dying
The sleepless nights I spent thinking of you
The time I wasted, waiting for you 
I'll never get them back
I'm living again, but part of me's gone
I'm living again, but I'll never get back those lost moments in my life
I can't forget the bad times
The hard times
The pained times

I forgive everything you've ever done
I still love you even more and more
Still want to be with you
Still want to hold you
After everything 
Everything I've forgiven
Is this the way I'll always live?
Torn apart by memories
Torn apart by forgiven sins
Forgiven nightmares
Forgiven abuse
This is how I'll live, forgiven but not forgotten

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