Selasa, Juni 22, 2010

Jakarta Fair

Finally...that's the word i've said when i first arrived at JIExpo Kemayoran Jakarta.. the place where Jakarta Fair or  Pekan Raya Jakarta is hold.  Jakarta Fair is an annual event in Jakarta that held around june - july to celebrate Jakarta's anniversary. the first Jakarta Fair was held on 1968 in Suharto's Era..and it's like a must when the event hold, Jakartans or dwellers who live around jakarta visit the fair..

and me, in my old 22 now, i've never been to PRJ ( the short name of Jakarta Fair)..until last saturday (June 19), my boyfriend and our friends took me to the PRJ! hoyayyy... like a dream come true (too much..) it just like i feel so curious why everybody ever been there, and i've never..hihihi

i had no idea what  PRJ is about before i came there, i thought it was a (not too large in my mind) large field crowd with people and stands that offer products just like in school bazaar.. ridiculous when i saw the real PRJ (not in my mind) is GREAT! like 1 million times my thought! the field is not a field.. it is a super massive field as it is apparently had became an airport in the past, no wonder! the stands is also not a small stand that i used to see in's like a showroom...huuuuaaaa i amazed! it's all beyond my expectation!
all the products including foods, drinks, electronic, automotive, clothing, accesories, furniture are displayed almost all what you need are available there! plus you can get a big discount for all products..all in SALE!! and poor me.. i didn't bought enough money there..but actually i didn't plan to shopping, i just want to see the euphoria of the event and see the people excitement..and it make my weekend so BLAST! thanks to boyfie and friends :)

the ticket : IDR 20K 

near Gambir Expo, the rainbow appeared after the rain stopped

one of the must ice cream in PRJ Bungeo Ssamankho (korean ice cream)! vanila+red bean & expresso ! delicious!

me &  my besty Tria..with Zakumi.

my favorite SPB (Sales Promotion Boy)..he makes me want the ice cream more and more :p

HAPPY 483rd ANNIVERSARY to the capital city of Indonesia JAKARTA!
please don't build any malls anymore, build many parks and don't let people have car more than one! 
give the very best facility to the pedestrian and bikers.

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