Senin, Juni 14, 2010


“The only reason why we ask other people how their weekend was is so we can tell them about our own weekend"  Chuck Palahniuk

i always waiting for my weekend's always almost all about making fun with people i love the most in my life, my family, my boyfie and my besty..

when i was a kid, weekend is a breaking day of school it means one night in whole day when i don't need to think about my homework or task from my teacher, and when the sunday morning comes it means that i don't have to take a bath early and i can watch a continous kid movie until 12 pm. i really loved watching doraemon and i become a cat lover because that movie, untill i found that doraemon is only a blue fat cat doll who doesn't have anything in his pocket ( i checked it on the Golden Truly mall, when i was in the 6th grade). The Doraemon thing has dissapointed me so much. there is no real cat who can grant my wish, they only make things so bad besides their cuteness. HAHA that's a small picture of my weekend moment in the past. 

but now...

weekend is like a rest day..where u can have a body n mind relax..having a monotonous activity during the weekdays make ur nerves so stiff, so these two days, saturday n sunday are the best day to have a refreshment!! i love to spent my weekend with my big family, my aunties, my uncles and my cousins, also my nephew n niece..we ussually gather in my grandma house, eating the foods that are made by us, or just chit chating till late at night, it is hillarious n warm! or having the whole weekend with my besty, we ussually spent the day to some places in the town or traveling out of town! and last but not least..i love the moment with my boyfie..actually i've already rarely spent my weekend only both of us, we ussually take our friends with us, it's more fun. :) 

my weekend with him in Curug Cikaso, Sukabumi, West Java (June 6 2010)

this is the most common thing for us on the weekend, out for eating!

snorkling with friends (Pramuka land,Thousands Island)

Dinner with my family :)

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