Kamis, Juni 17, 2010

thing can not be forgotten

To forget the mistakes of someone is more difficult than to forget my own mistakes to him/her..

it's a very bad behaviour, yes i know, but to heal the broken heart is not that easy. Our heart is just like a broken glass that have been glued, though the glass is back to a normal shape however the scar will always be seen..

i know it is something in the past, and everything has changed to be better..but still, i can not forget how SHE took my half soul from me.. without knowing my existence and how hurt to be me at this time..

it's all become a deadly virus in my life, i keep on thingking that someday she will back to stole my half soul again..

it is because i feel so theatened with her, i don't know why, maybe because she is more beautiful than me, or smarter than me, and all her charms will steal his heart, again...

all that thoughts is driving me insane!

i feel so sad
i feel so dissapointed
i feel so pissed off

and top of all..

i won't forget these all..
sorry..i just can't.
i will take this till i leave this world,

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