Rabu, Juli 21, 2010

When the blackberry is at one level above the God Almighty..

Inspired by an article I’ve read in Kaskus.us about how life of one person can be changed by a blackberry, i want to write some of my opinions here about the same case..

Blackberry is a new colonizer in this era,, I often hear people say “blackberry generation” to dub today generation.  It’s like generalize people that they are all choosing blackberry as their communication gadget. I don’t know when or who was starting this blackberry phenomenon, but one thing for sure, this sophisticated gadget has changed the life of people or even more the world civilization.

I, myself is a blackberry (BB) user, undeniable, at first I was attempted to use BB because of the trend. Yeah, I was a trend victim. But surprisingly for me, it is the first hand phone I bought from my own money without my parents support. Before using BB I was a nokia fetish. But I don’t know where the strong temptation was come from, I really wanted to have BB at that time.

And now… BB becomes my heart pumper. I wonder how this 52 cm square thing can change human life to be dependent of it.
I’ve read some articles that tell about the negative impact of BB include the research of mental disorder of BB user, and it’s like a mirror for me. How BB can change the way you socialize to people, it makes me frowning and thinking.

In the past, before the BB mushrooming, I used my cell phone  only to call my friends and my family to tell them important information, or to say hay on the text. Now, BB (as if) can do anything you want to, and it provides what u wants in only less a minute. You make every minutes or even every second an important moment to share the world though actually it’s not a big important to be shared. You force people to know what happening with you in every single time. Yourself updates become so exaggerating.

One thing that makes me so ashamed that now, every time I woke up in the morning, I always look for my BB and check out the notification on it, and waste almost an hour to reply the message, email, bbm, twitter or else. And I realized, it is very a bad habit since now I give more priority to my BB than to pray and thank God for the greatest life He gives to me. Embarrassing.  

the angle is also using BB gemini to take her picture :p

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  1. I am not using bb but anyway that thing also happened. I always spend much time on my cellphone, browsing many things, check out the sns, and so on. Don't u think that technology is no more than new model of wasting ur precious time?

  2. i'm with u raras.. i miss the old time u know..when we were at elementary school, u know, we had more stories to tell eye to eye at that time.. no gadget intervention..we were closer each other as a human..i don't know this very rapid growing technology makes human better or worse, one thing for sure, i don't want this thing intervene or distract my relationship with God. i hope u are with me :)