Kamis, Agustus 05, 2010

tik tok tik

i don't feel like i want to write something crucial..but i feel very good today..good in a way of my mood..i don't know exactly why it can be good..it could be because i dress well today and i had more than enough sleeping time last night. and today actually my special day with my boyfriend. Since we are officially a couple in October 5 2004, and today we have been 5 years and 10 months..for God Sake, it's a long journey, rocky, quirky, dreadful, and awesome...

and now suddenly i have a mood to write about my relationship..(remember at the first sentence i don't put any intention or any idea to write).

rrrrrrhhh aakansjdbjkbefjrfrklbfgrlgbrlkbgkenw;lgnew;'.......""""""".......(-,-")

nooo..it changed again! i don't want to elaborate anything about my relationship..hahaha
i just want to share you about the big lesson i've got from this long journey relationship..

" if you are getting into a relationship that you choose yourself, never give up on your relationship,for any obstacles you face or possibly face, till you get the point of comfortable, because anything can be changed and your sacrifices must be paid! the bad things you scared it's 99% never happened. But the most important thing is that you have to follow your intuition  because it is The God of your action (after asking for The (real) God guidance). believe me, time will answer anything.. if the girl/boy is good for you, they will never go anywhere but your side.trust me, what you reap is what you get."

5 years more is worthed for what i've got now...thanks dear..

Word Stacey!!

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