Selasa, Oktober 12, 2010


when everybody try to plan their very best moment for their life in this unique date, me & my big family have to let her go forever.. my dearest grandma , Hj. R. Suharti binti R. Suharso.. she had left us forever to the better place where there are many angles who will take care of her..

one hand i feel so sad, because i will never meet her again, but in the other hand i feel so relieved, because she will never feel the terrible pain she had, when she still alive..

i pray to God to take care of her and also kakek, eyang mimi, n eyang aki who had left us first, and give them the best place in heaven.. those people are great for me, they contribute a lot in my life n however, they had taught me so many things and also shower me with many love..

i love you mbah uti..
eyang mimi..
eyang aki..

i'm gonna miss u here, but i believe someday we'll meet again.. in the better place that Allah has  provide us. Insya Allah, amin ya Rabb..

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  1. amiin ya rab, pray for them and Allah will listen to your prayer. :)