Senin, Oktober 18, 2010

anger management

Suddenly I thought  some moments when I really pissed off with somebody else.. in my opinion, I  consider my angry management is so-so, not too good or not too bad.. but there is a time when I totally burned, and my mind is control by my destructive delusions! Mostly, it happens when there are things which not suitable with what I want or if someone take my stuffs without my permission.. * double horns can suddenly appear on my head*..
But I’m tolerable enough to people, as long as I live, I always easy to forgive people though it is not easy to forget their mistakes :P. I’m a kind of people who will hide my uncomfortable feeling and let anybody around me comfortable with me. But if there are the things that really not endurable, I prefer talking the problem and get the solution as soon as possible, because I can’t live with sustained problems linger on me. 

I love a quote from Dr. Laurance J. Peter ( An American "hierarchiologist",  Educator  and   Writer) :

Because I often do this. Beside I become a wise speaker , you will never treat people rudely when you angry J.

let's peace  &  grin
the world will be loveable to live in :) 

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