Selasa, Oktober 19, 2010

Mrs. Devgan

I genuinely love Kajol Devgan! She is so stunning for me! I begin to like her when I watched her movie “My name is Khan”, I’m falling in love with her for the reason that she represent the beautiful of Asian women. Brown skin, black hair, meaty, big & beautiful eyes, sweet, elegance, humble, and have a gorgeous smile are very asian women stereotype, and Kajol has all that criteria. 

Moreover, when the women in my age endeavor to transform their skin into white to imitate the Caucasoid (white skin race), or in my country they call it ‘ kebule-bulean’ , I’m proud to be born with brown skin. Despite the history records that tells the social class of dark or brown skin race is under the white skin race, I’m very proud of my skin, because the important point is that God never judge human from their skin. 

Another fact, brown, black or any other colored skin has more pigment than white skin; it means that they have a less risk for skin cancer. But the point is any color of skin that God gives you, be thankful of that, because the most important thing is not what colour of your skin, what shape of your face or where you from, but  how you maintain all the gifts that God given you to make it useful for others. Ugly, beautiful, tall, petite, black or white it doesn’t matter as long as you can spread happiness and kindness to others. that's the true happiness.

she's cute in pink

beauty is not always WHITE

smiling from the heart

Her very great acting with Shahruk Khan in movie ' My Name is Khan'

Is the woman on the right side look similar to Mrs. Devgan ?, except the big nose :p

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