Kamis, Oktober 28, 2010

Thursday in Purple

i found a briliant idea to hang out longer in seven eleven :
1. buy a chicken hot dog
2. buy a big bag of potato chips (Lays or chitato)
2. add the creamy cheese  topping untill covering all the paper plate (do not get caught by the shopkeeper :p) and u can also add chili sauce if you like it.
4. and taraaaang now.. u have double menu! chicken hot dog with cheese and chili and also potato chip and cheese! 
then your eyes will never running to other snacks and foods.. save your money and full your stomach :).

i have a very tight schedule for next month to enroll my application to be a candidate of government employee. i wonder, why so many people are craving for this position tough they know that the salary of government employee is small, hmm except you do the corruption ;p. 
it should be a reflection for government to amend their laws about the security of job in Indonesia. If the government has made a fair law about people and working, maybe  they will not be worrying about the possibility of being combed out.

and this is me today, with my new brand fav coffee..Nescafe Mochaccino..the package is matching  my outfit :)

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