Selasa, November 02, 2010

Delizioso Magnum

Last monday i had a plan with him to spend our midday for walking around a lake.. and we found out the nearest lake from our home is a lake beside Balairung UI Depok, :p.. so we took a ride to UI. to avoid an image of 'Alay' (in Bahasa it is stand for ' Anak Layangan' actually the most nearest description for alay is the teenagers commonly 10-18 years old, who always follow the latest trend, they don't care if it is suitable for them or not, they admit that they know everything about music, dress up like an emo (but totally failed) with their skinny jeans and emo haircut , but their appearance is still totally failed :p), we decided not too long to stay there, just until we've finished eat the ice cream. Oh yeah we bought a delicious ice cream (for now) in town, Magnum Almond Belgian Chocolate from Walls, just cost Rp. 10.000,-, you can easy find it on Alfamart or Indomart and it will make your tounge melted.. :9. anyway there are so much funny things i captured there, but unfortunately i didn't capture alay couples who are tickling, cuddling and teasing each other in front of many people. Like the world is possessed by them, othe people are just rent :).

the not-too-bad Lake beside balairung UI

a man who was fishing next the warning sign of fishing prohibiton. let's say he's illiterate :)

can't take the magnum away from my mouth!

the delizioso magnum almond belgian chocolate!

ihiyy this is me with my new harem pants, 
it is so comfy but very sheer like not wearing any pants :)
do you see my bow bracelet? he said it is cute :)

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