Senin, November 08, 2010

a blast week pictures

at last meeting my TVRI besties 'Banci' at mba Lenny's house. She was hosting an Aqiqah ceremony for Marco, her new born baby. 
From left to right : Mrs. Producer of ENS Mba Asti, ME :), Mrs. Camerawoman Mba Fanie Oetiani, a Beautiful mommy & a stunning news caster of Selamat Pagi Nusantara (TVRI) and Warta Malam Mba Lenny Hadiawati, The Guru of English News Service TVRI, Mba Dita F Sukarno.

with Mba Dita and Mba Fani

chilo was playing at back yard with his fav red ball!

Finally.. i'm so happy, He gave me this for our 73 monthiversary..
i love you my dear :)

my new Hello Kitty bows.. uber kyoooottt!

My own made art nail hihihi 

my cousin Arsya, she is in the first grade of Junior hi school..

Me Me Me.. i love the shawl very much!! it is easy to apply and steady in your head.
the Harem Pants is very comfy!!! Bye bye skinny :D

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