Senin, November 15, 2010

cousin, coffee and social network

last saturday i have a whole day walked in the mall with my cousin, Ka devi. She is living in Bali and had a seven days holiday in Jakarta last week. Actually i feel so sorry for her n her mom, my aunty ( i call her Bude) as the pilgrimage trip has to be canceled because the Visa is rejected or some kind of reasons that i don't really understand. so here, a day before she come back to Bali, we planned to have a mall to mall trip. And Cilandak Town Square (Citos) was our first destination ( and to be the last due to the rain dropped and we decided to watch in cinema). Since Ka devi was craving for DimSum , we had lunch at Eaton. Anyway, Eaton has delicious dim sum in town beside one of their waiter is very charming *_* teeheee. After loaded our tummy a half, we decided to watch a movie, and found interest in Social Network, a biography movie of Mark Zuckerberg, yes who doesn't know him, a CEO of Facebook. The film is pretty entertaining but not inspirative beside the conclusion that " Your brain will be a thousand times brighter when your heart break by someone you love" .. hahaha Mark and I have a thing in common, we are not the person who will be in grieving for a long time and get down to the deep hole, but we have our own way to take a revenge to the person who had broke our heart, in a positive way, we show to her/him that we are SUPERIOR.. ihiihi.. then the things come up into creativity or productivity.. and when i found the one who has made my heart broke into pieces is a level down from me it means that the mission has accomplished! i win! ehehehhe..

after watched, we ate Ramen Sanpachi (38), the taste is negatively creating a bad mood as the taste is unfit to my tounge. Very unrecomended. at last we had our cup of coffee at Brew & Co, i ordered ice chocolate hazelnut and Ka Devi said it taste like Cendol.. HAHAHA..

on the way to home, we had a very bad congestion and it made my body over tiring, whereas i had an exam by tomorrow morning at Gambir which is so far away from my home.... ihkkkss

my cendol coffee (the left)

at Ramen 38 . the black lady is Ka Devi. In japan 38 is called Sanpachi, but a lady next to me said it is Ramen Thirty Eight, weww she's so kebule2an phewewew.

At Galeri Nasional.. met my old friends at University.

yeah again.. Chilovely :)

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