Jumat, November 26, 2010

work like you don't need money

The words on the title is very hard to follow.. yes as everybody knows that we work for money! (most of us), we will work for other reasons  besides money if our basic needs has been fulfilled. I don’t know who was inventing money first, but it is very astonishing why this thing called money can do anything you want in this world. If I don’t have money, I feel sick and become ill-tempered. Hahahaha. 

These are my outfit along this week.. hope you can enjoy ME 

the braid rope as hair piece hmmm hijab piece :)

red makes me stunning

i'm in black mood

Kebaya can be modified with blazer & belt. it's so cute!

3 komentar:

  1. love the way u style ur hijab, make some tutorials about how to wear it. btw, i also find one more similarity, an addiction to chili! haha..

  2. haloo ka fridaa ini aku ranii hehehe foto yg ketiga itu cara pake jilbabnya gimana sih ka? dian pelangi gitu bukan sih? hehehe
    main2 ke blog ku ya kaka :)

  3. @ cihud : thanks.. hehehe maybe someday i'll make a tutorial how to wear the hijab, but unfortunately i don't have plenty time to do that. :(.. yer darla.. chili is considered another thing we have in common! :)

    @ Rani : hai maniiiis :) iya yah basicnya model dian pelangi tp aku rapihin disampingnya aku pin.. soalnya klo gak rapih suka ribet klo lg kerja. eh say kapan2 ktemuan yuuuk :) kangen ED juga nih :)