Selasa, Desember 14, 2010

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 "sometimes we are too busy looking at the lives of others, we fail to realize how beautiful our lives are.."

Inspired by this quote, I thought about one word that almost everybody pursuing for, Happiness.  Personally I don't have any standard to measure my own happiness and I believe that no one is in charge of our happiness. We, ourselves is the main actor in creating our own happiness. I have so many dreams, but I’m not the one who will frustrated when i couldn’t catch one of them. Every simple things I have done, I could call it as my happiness.

I love my family so much especially my parents.. loving them and being loved by them is my infinite happiness.

I have a very patient and less-complaining boyfriend, he always support me in bad and good times. He is charming. He is my precious happiness.

I have Chilo, he is my dazzling cat, gift from my very best friend, Ka Sarah. I thank her so much for trusting me to take care of him. Chilo is my happiness.

I’m standing here in my place, to do what I’m supposed to do, doing the things which Allah SWT blessed. It’s my daily happiness.

May we always be a part of people who always grateful for all the happiness Allah SWT has given us.

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3 komentar:

  1. Nice post bu! Let's be grateful for everything we've got from Allah. :)

  2. Alhamdulillah, memang Allah swt selalu memberikan kita nikmat yg tdk terkira ya :)

  3. > Raras : iya dear, thanks. no time and reason to feel sad :).

    > wulan : wuaaa one of my blogger inspiration! tks wulan udah mampir :) iya bener bgt, kalau tau caranya bersyukur hidup akan selalu indah ya.:)