Selasa, Desember 21, 2010

eat like the world will be over tomorrow

Last weekend was an exhausting weekend for me, full of plans and less energy. I went to ITC Kuningan with my aunty and my cousins on Saturday, bought some stuffs we need, and had a big portion of lunch! I ate Mie Aceh and Martabak Aceh, my aunty have Manado porridge, and my cousin have manado’s food ( cakalang chicken , dabu dabu chili chop , and cuttlefish) with rice. After had a lunch we have a hell-yummy desert ever! Durian Pancake.. actually I was about very curious about this Durian Pancake as people say we can only grab it on Nelayan restaurant in Medan.. but fortunately, I found one in Mal Ambassador, near Bakmi GM stall. My aunty also bought creamy puff pastry near Bakmi GM stall. This creamy puff is just like Beard Papa but it is cheaper one.  After finished hunting at ITC Kuningan, we went to cake shop (Seven Grain) at buncit to buy a birthday for my uncle & counsin’s birthday in the next day And dropped by at Pejaten Village to buy some foodstuffs. It was not over yet.. before we landed at home, we decided to ‘ngemil’ (take a small portion of food) at Seafood, we had saos padang crab and steamed ‘virgin’ shell (kerang dara :p) without rice as our snack!! Ahahhaha I wonder how my stomach will be after all. That day, I ate like tomorrow will never comes. 

the crew.. my aunty n my cousin

was trying levis spectacle.. is it fit on me?

Ginger cake at Seven Grain

the most wanted durian pancake.. it's like a heaven cake!

Thai casava + pearl porridge .. it taste so sweeeeettt..
wishing my face as cute as them :D

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