Jumat, Desember 03, 2010

Heloooooow catty!

Yesterday, my chubby baby BF bought me some Hello Kitty stuffs. Actually he intended to buy me a new battery for my blackberry as my old battery is puff up and need to be replaced. He went to Roxy mall to buy my new battery ( Roxi  is a big wholesaler place where you can find very cheap spareparts for your handphone or any kind of gadgets). When he asked the price of battery of my blackberry, he was surprised as the price is lower than he has got in everywhere. He became KALAP (razzled) at once!. He bought me battery, power bank with hello kitty capture, hard case, and new LCD for his blackberry storm! Ahhhayyy suddenly my mood for doing business came up! So everyone who needs to replace your blackberry battery or needs any spareparts for you gadget, don’t hesitate to call me, I’ll give the friendly price moreover if you buy in big quantity

power bank and soft case

mr.browny bear, The Chilo Kitty with pink ribbon and Mangki Jack

Chilo kitty with red ribbon

if i were as cute as Hello Kitty. Fail. :)

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