Jumat, Desember 03, 2010

Weekend is two days in heaven

i'm excited about tomorrow weekend plan! i'll meet up with my old besty, Martia, She just came back to Indonesia from her working duty in Singapore. We plan to have a girl talk (actually my other friend, Mamet, will come to join us) for a long day, and maybe have a lunch together or shopping. i'm very excited! i miss her a lot! :)

this is Martia and me, two years ago! we haven't met for such a long time.
Anyway this is my outfit of this this week :)

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  1. hai fridha, thanks for dropping by earlier yesterday, i particularly love your style, you have a great sense of fashion, i do like your photo the one at the right side up showing your red rings and nails, u rox dear, salam.