Senin, Januari 03, 2011

2010 flashback

  • My boyfriend had a crash accident. His arms broke. He had a surgery three months after the accident.
  •  i've been hospitalized for the first time in my life. Because of Dengue fever.
  •  my grandma passed away 10.10.10
  • i've tried to enroll to 4 department to be a government employee. 3 has been failed, i'm waiting for the last one on early January. I couldn't hope anything more.. But, i could make it. :)
  • got a new love in my life.. My gorgeous cat! Chilo. He was gifted from my angelic senior at college. Kak sarah.
  • my relationship with bf was getting better and better. We spent more time together to live our life in proper way. We love Allah SWT above all. i love you dear.. :)
  • my driving license n stnk lost. It was reflected how careless am i.
  • i moved on my grandma's house because my home was being renovated, untill now i'm still staying there.
  • lost my twins nephew from my cousin , Andien.
  • get a new niece from my cousin Kakak Ari , Rifat.

2 komentar:

  1. 10.10.10, Dear? My last granny passed away on 09.09.09...

    Anyway, let's make 2011 much better. I am still waiting for the invitation of yours and Ghani's. :D

  2. sorry to hear that.. at least our granny have thing in common, they were called back by Allah SWT on the special day, pray for them to be placed in the special place in heaven yah :)..
    i'm still waiting for Ghani's graduation then the invitation will be sent to ur home soon dear.. please insert a pray for us in every sholah ya .. :)