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Recomendation for you to throw away your money!

Some of my friends who have wearing a hijab or who intend to wear a hijab asked me where I bought scarf, pashmina, clothes and other accessories. Basically, I don’t have a taste of good fashion and I don’t like buy any branded stuffs, the reason is because I can afford it or I better spent my money for eating many heaven foods on earth. As far as I know, I never bought any kind of famous branded stuffs, but I have some branded stuffs, and those all are gifted from my aunty or friends. Lucky me. Here, I’ll  give you some information where I found my hip stuffs..(don’t ever hope you will find branded shop like ZARA, MANGO etc, hehe)  I hope it will be useful for you girls.. 

ITC Kuningan (Jl. Prof. Dr. Satrio Setiabudi, Jakarta Selatan, INDONESIA ) 
* TAMITA  1st Floor Blok A-1 Unit 7-9 :  here, you can find the best quality and most up to date scarf, four square scarf, inner scarf, brooches and accessories for daily or wedding hijab)
Inner scarf  : Syria inner ( 10k), lace inner (7k) ,
Four square scarf :  paris scarf (12k), kafayeh (35k), embroidery scarf (25k),
Various kind of pashmina (35k-150k)
Brooches (15k-30k)
Wedding accessories-fabric and handmade- (150k-250k)
*House of Pashmina  2nd floor right in front of BCA Bank.  : all kind of pashmina from regular to high quality. You can find beautiful cashmere pashmina here.
 *JOJO Ground Floor : this boutique is very recommended, many of its stuffs has been featured for magazine like Cita Cinta, Go Girls, Sisters, and more. You can find affordable shoes, bag, belt, dress, and pants here.
*Nitnotblue : Korean style fashion stuffs! Find out it interesting but a lil bit expensive! If you have much bucks, so no worry to shop here.. hihi
* Optik Bandung Ground Floor, in front of escalator:  this is the heaven of contact lens. You can find the cheapest soft lens in town. I bet it true! But only for x2, a+, luxury, and other brand than are  included in Exoticon group. starting from 50k - 68k.
*   some boutiques at 1st and 2nd floor of ITC Kuningan are hilarious if you put your eyes sharply. J

ITC Fatmawati :

*Ambu Butik  first floor no.195 Jakarta Selatan : you can find handmade pashmina, scarf, and inner here. I found interesting about this boutique that here we can find cotton pashmina, it is very breezy and comfortable. They also have online boutique ( ), but u would better go to the store as it has more various collection. 

*Dewi Shopaholic  1st floor : cute imported fashion stuffs!

Tanah Abang
It’s a heaven for you that really like to shopping! You can find anykind of clothes with incredible price. I like to buy Gamis, abaya, and working pants here. Just explore Blok A and Blok B, and you will find your mouth watering. Hehe.

And here some on-line shops that have uber cool stuffs :
Kami Idea :   the best dye shawl ever!!! I really love theirs!
Lakisha Shop briliant design!
Peek Shop : cute imported stuffs
Retail Therapy :comfortable n chic shoes
Wondershoe : the dreamland of flat shoes!
Last but not least
Cotton Ink : the heaven of cotton!
Yeayy those are some of my list, I will revised anytime I’ve got a new cool place for shopping..  or you can add the list on the comment.. gratias.

i'm reading My Stupid Boss lately, and i really want to meet the writer. she must be the craziest yet coolest woman ever to have a boss like her boss! hahaha

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