Senin, Januari 31, 2011

Newly Wed

Yesterday i attended my friend's wedding reception. The Groom and the bride are my friend when i was at senior high school. my partner was out of town, He went to Batam and Singapore for business ( envy him so much !!) so i  joined my friends to come to the wedding. It's always nice to see my old friends, we chat, ate and laughed... i don't know what to say anymore.. i've been lossing my words lately, maybe i'm a little bit tired. Oh ya, my lil brother was getting hospitalized. The doctor said He have liver disorder ( hepatitis A), so he need much bed rest. I'm worrying my mom also, she is taking care of my brother at Hospital. less sleep and tired. Mom, may Allah always take care of you and you will get the best place in heaven. amin

My dress

The Newly Wed
Puche and Me

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