Rabu, Februari 02, 2011

My February Wishes

February is coming and no other words but EXCITED to face this month. Yes, one of the reasons is because it is my birthday month and as usual, I always waiting for surprise in this month. Though last years I didn’t get many surprises anymore like when I was a child or a teenager, but it’s like a tradition or instinctive that the hopes of birthday surprises always come every year… hehehe. At least if no one could give me any surprises , I know, Allah SWT always give me surprises even not on my birthday. Allah SWT is the super great!.

Okey I still hope anyone can grant my wishes … (ngarep dot com) , here are my list of wishes on this Lovely month :
  1. Short time wish : My brother can back home soon from his a-week-more hospitalized.. and my mom can get her long sleep as usual.  
  2. I can move from my granny’s house to my home.. since there are so many spooky stories in my neighborhood, I have no gut to move yet.  Oh I know, Allah SWT is the great protector, but it’s so humane to have a fear right?  I wish Allah SWT will give me strong iman (faith) to cope with this problem. Amin.
  3.  I wish My HOLI DAY to Bali will contain only FUN FUN and FUN… yes, next week I’ll have a four days holiday to Bali with my lovely boy and a friend, and I’ll stay in my cousin’s home in Denpasar.  I wish there’s no obstacle until the end of my holiday. Amin ya Allah.
  4.  My birthday (Insya Allah) will be in Bali…. Wuaaa it’s the most excited birthday in my life! Though I can’t celebrate my birthday with my parents and other family members, I’m happy so much that my birthday will be different from last (gloomy) birthdays :D
  5. The biggest and greatest wish of this month…. Ya Allah, give me that chance to pass the next phase of BPK (longggggg loooonnnnggg) recruitment process. ORIENTATION INTERVIEW. Amin. And if I have to stop here, please give me a better surprise as You always give in my life.
Yes that are my 5 whises for this month, butttt.. hehehihihuhhohohaha.. :D I have some additional wishes.. IF there is anyone out there who have a very kind heart to give me a gift or surprise on my birthday.. hihihuhuhahahehe *shy shy cat* : 

look at this! Mc Call Hello Kitty, is that cutie awesome? woww hello Kitty in my shoes! i'm drooling for this. anyone?  u can find the cheapest vendor which sell this cutie pairs HERE

STANDING MIRROR for my room woaaa it's lame, but this is one of my dream

Jane Batik Black - UP

BALENCIAGA.... any version of it! i would love to accept :)

Full Face helmet to replace my old one.. this woman Nolan helmet is very gorgeous!

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