Selasa, Maret 22, 2011

Topmost Birthday Moment

This is a delay story of my birthday celebration, and it’s so funny that this story actually is the topmost of my birthday blast. I’ll start with a bad story in the past. Over the past five years I passed my birthday with my boyfriend, he has never gave me a surprise nor a gift right on my birthday, remain reason and other reasons.. but he always promised me to make up his mistakes and paid all the things that he ruined. I was just talking to myself, “ ohh please boy, it has been five years, and you did the same thing on my birthday each and every year , absence on my birthday is the most terrible thing for me, how could you make up your mistakes?” .. that was in the past, until the February 11 2011 came and he proved what he had promised me.  

He made a ‘conspiracy’ with my cousin Ka Devi to make a romantic dinner somewhere I didn’t know, at that day I just followed their rules until finally I arrived at a very beautiful place that I never imagine before. Yes that place is Rock Bar at Ayana Resort (Jimbaran). The Rock Bar is located along the 1.3 kilometer coastline of AYANA Resort and Spa Bali, a 77-hectare property that features 78 private luxury villas and a 290-room hotel. Sitting on natural rocks, 14 meters above the Indian Ocean at the base of cliffs, this open-top bar is Bali’s most glamorous sunset and after-dark destination.

I didn’t have any idea at first since as I know this place is very hard to get an access and very expensive for me or my boyfriend , it’s just too adorable and not affordable, haha. But it’s like a miracle, everybody welcome us, moreover, we got a VIP access to go inside the bar. We took an elevator that will cost IDR 200,000 per person, but we got it free. It’s all because my cousin Ka devi had just resign a month before from Rock Bar, yes she was a waitress at Rock Bar,  that’s why everybody treated us just like a family. We only ordered mocktail (non-alcoholic drink), I have Virgin Lychee Ginger Spring , it’s a blending of lychee, ginger, lychee syrup and sprite and Ghani has Virgin tropical tango. We were very excited and of course we didn’t let the chance to take as much as picture here there and everywhere. It’s not a weird thing as many foreigners also did the same thing with us, they used DSLR camera to take a beautiful view there. 


sorry for bad quality video :( due to my limited skills 

It’s another surprise for me that the manager of rock bar gave us a compliment, He is Bony! A young handsome and success manager of Rock Bar, he gave us the most wanted snack at Rock Bar, chicken pop corn with its magic sauce made from herbed olive oil and spiced dukkah and also potato wedges, curly fries, and pita chips with hummus, curry mayoinase and ketchup. Wow, I felt blessed. Actually, if we only order drinks, Rock Bar give us a free snack ( it’s a savory cassava chip) and also a wet towel to wipe our sweat as the weather on the coast is very hot and humid.  

It was beautiful thing in my life that I could see a sunset on my birthday at the beautiful place with my lovely people ; my boyfriend, my cousin, and my friends. Such an abundant blessing for me, when I thought it was over as the night was becoming darker, I’ve got another surprise! Ka Devi and Ghani told the manager that I am a birthday girl, at that day and everybody including the waiter and the waitress sang a happy birthday song for me, wow it’s so embarrassing yet very happy moment for me.

Thanks dear Ghani and Ka devi, it is my unforgettable birthday celebration ever, and for Ghani, u have paid all the ruined thing in the past, those five years bad moments have been removed with this one surprising and wonderful day . I really love Allah because Allah has made a decision to bring us together. Thanks Allah for Your over blessing.

the poolside on the coast beside Rock Bar! very cool..

the coastal view from our seats ( guest house seat beside the bar)

the bartender

potato wedged, curly fries and pita chips with lychee ginger spring

ka devi and me

behind me is the icon of rock bar - the big rock

my lovely man

Garit, me and Ghani in front of the bar

another view from the toilet
this is my birthday drink compliment 

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